5 tips on how to create a retro self-portrait in 2024

Self-portraits are a great way to convey different stories through photography.

Self-portraits are a great way to get creative.

Creating self-portraits is a great way to express yourself at your own expense. They become easier over time and require you to trust yourself.

Here are five tips on creating a retro self-portrait:

Create a mood board

Using apps like Pinterest is a great way to start with mood boards because they have a variety of outfit ideas, pops, and photoshoots.

Try eras like the 70s, 80s, or 90s for retro photoshoot ideas.

Buy props

I use props I already have or I take a trip to the thrift for props. For a retro shoot, the thrift is the best store to visit. You can find magazines, telephones, TVs, clothing or decor.

For this photoshoot, I used magazines from the early 2000s and a few I had sitting around.

Set up your scene

Before you start taking photos, set up the shoot.

I placed my magazines on the ground in a collage style, some were open, and some were closed.

Get creative

Solo self-portraits are a great opportunity to get creative with your shots.

I used a camera during my shoot and tried overhead shots. First, I placed the camera above me as I lay on the magazines. Then I did a shot where I hid my face with the magazine to give an “obsessed” expression. I was trying to express the concept of being so indulged and obsessed with fashion and magazines.

How to get creative:

  • Try different poses
  • Props
  • Makeup
  • Hairstyles
  • Outfits
  • Lighting
  • Angles

Edit your images

I used Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos, but you can use Picsart, Huji or Prequel.

Photos from my photoshoot

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