Chandra Alilijah, journalist, fashion enthusiast, and creator. This blog is safe haven for creatives with content for music lovers, fashion enthusiasts, lifestyle gurus and more.

I recently graduated from Michigan State University and served as a campus reporter for a student-run newspaper called The State News.

Writing has been a part of my life since elementary school, it’s my hobby, my profession and my thing. I love writing, it’s everything for me. I love all forms of it whether it’s creative, fiction or news.

This blog was created for many different reasons but my main reason is to create a community of other creatives who love blogging, fashion, and lifestyle content.

My goal is to provide a safe space for creativity and expression.

When I am not writing, I adapt to the world of content creation on my Instagram page as a micro-influencer.

Feel free to follow my Instagram for fashion tips, and more!

Professional work as a journalist:

Detroit Free Press- Breaking News Intern


Since May 2022, I have served as the breaking news intern with the Detroit Free Press. I’ve written and completed over 60 articles ranging from breaking news to features about store closures, business owners, crime, weather and just a few of the topics.

Check out some of my work below:


Broadcast Demo Reel 

Detour Detroit – Writer Intern

State News

My journey began at The State News, during my freshman year, spring semester. It was my first on-campus job and one of my best experiences yet! I was a campus feature reporter for two semesters and then moved into video production.  Along with becoming a videographer, I was elected to be the Diversity Rep on Eboard. The State News has been a powerful tool and space for me to grow as a writer, editor and video producer. The clips to the left are a combination of some of my favorite feature articles and videos, that I have created.

To see more of my work on this platform, here is my profile link!

2021 State News Multimedia Editor

September 2021- December 2021

MSU vs Western Kentucky Homecoming Game 10/2/2021

2021 State News Podcast Coordinator

From January- May 2021, I served as the podcast coordinator for The State News. I edited, hosted, and wrote scripts for three podcasts on the State News Platform.

Here is a State News podcast called Houselights where not only did I host but edited the audio using Adobe Audition.

This podcast episode was a year-later update on former MSU musician Brandon Rose, whom I had interviewed for a video feature previously.

This video was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, recorded by me, includes a FaceTime interview merged into a video file.

COVID-19 Animoto video that focuses on how information regarding the virus. This video was created using stock images of The State News, editing and creation done by me.



Spartan Newsroom

Being a part of Spartan News Room was an opportunity where I covered stories that pertained to voting and women’s rights from January 2020- May 2020. During my time with this media organization, I also helped create a source log that focused on making sure students covered all diverse voices. Here are some of my favorite links to articles and videos, during my time with this media organization.

For fall 2021, I am now back in Spartan Newsroom where I participate in a class called Focal Point News. There I am a reporter who works on things such as packages, vosots and anchored occasionally as well.

To see more of my work on this platform, here is my profile link!


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