What I would’ve told my younger self: Follow your passions

Following your passions require you to be resilient and powerful.

Following your passion requires you to do everything you want to do in life for your satisfaction.

Growing up, we all have dreams and aspirations that we want to complete, whether it’s becoming a doctor, a fashion designer, or even an astronaut.

Over time, we complete grade school and move on to higher education, those passions can die because of parents, teachers, peers and the pressures of society. Or the lack of motivation to keep the passions alive.

In this post, we will touch on how to keep your passions with you, how to execute them and why they matter.

What are passions?

In my opinion, passions are goals, activities, dreams and aspirations that one wants to complete very strongly. They are ideas that mean a lot to you and things you want to achieve or execute.

How do you follow your passions?

Following your passions first requires you to know what you’re passions are. What are you always thinking about? What are you emotionally connected to?

Identifying passions

You identify your passions by thinking about what’s always on your mind, how it makes you feel, and why it makes you feel like that.

I follow my passions by paying attention to what I like. For example, I’ve always been a big fan of fashion and was always intrigued by it. Over time, I developed another passion for journalism by being a voice for the unheard and storytelling.

Since I love fashion and journalism, I started to make these two passions coexist without letting one outshine the other. I looked into a concept called fashion journalism, where I can cover fashion but still be a journalist.

That is why today, I have my fashion blog where I can express my love for fashion and use the skills I earned in journalism.

Passions will speak to you

Passions are like burning desires that speak to your emotions. Think about times when you have a burning desire to do something or be a part of something.

If you ever feel a strong need or emotion or call to do something that’s your passion for it talking.

Another clue is you will enjoy doing your passion. It won’t feel like a burden or a task you hate doing.

Why does following your passions matter?

I believe that everyone on this earth has a passion.

Following your passions matters because it allows you to execute what you are inspired to do. It also looks like paying attention and listening to yourself and your goals.

Overall, it can be a superpower in itself because you’re doing it for you.

Plus, we only live one life, so why not do what you want and love?

What if I don’t have a passion?

If you don’t think you have a passion it’s because you’ve most likely been too in a shell. Get up, get out, and try new things. You need to explore a little bit more so you can find what drives you and motivates you.

Start passion projects

To start a passion project, think about something you want to do. It could be a bucket list of things.

Starting a passion project still requires you to have a desire to want to complete something.

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