5 tips on how to style vests in 2024

5 tips on how to style vests in 2024

Styling vests are a great way to add a later to your outfit.

Vests aren’t going out of style.

If you’re seeking a new clothing item to add to your closet for spring, vests are the best item to add. They have a variety of styles like puffer, sweater, and leather.

Here are five tips on how to style vests in 2024:

Pair with mini skirts

This is one of my favorite ways to style vests. I typically pair sweater vests with mini skirts, knee socks and loafers to create a preppy aesthetic.

I buy sweater vests from H$M for less than $20. They typically have them in blue, pink, black or striped.

Puffer vests are key

If you want a more spring look, try a puffer vest. These style vests offer shape and dimension to an outfit. They can help create the outfit idea of a “big top and small bottom”.

Many brands like The North Face and Nike sell puffer vests. You can try ASOS as well for stylish puffer streetwear vests.

Vests pair well with turtlenecks

If you want to practice layering, start with turtlenecks and vests. The best turtlenecks to buy are thin kinds so they can fit under the vest.

You can pair them with multiple styles of vests.

Colorblock outfits using vests

Buy colorful vests so you can use them to colorblock in outfits. You should buy bold colors like reds, blues, pinks and greens so they can stand out with outfits.

Style vests as statement pieces

Thrift stores are the best place to search for vests that can be statement pieces. That is where I would buy my vintage leather vests, suede texture and printed vests.

Where to buy vests in 2024

Here are a few places you can buy vests from:

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