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Who Killed Sara? : I binged watch but got no answer

“Who Killed Sara?” follows the story of a young boy accused of his sister’s suspicious death. It’s a mystery.

“Who Killed Sara?” follows the story of a young boy accused of his sister’s suspicious death. He is released out of prison for good behavior. Immediately begins to execute his plan to get revenge on the wealthy family. That made him take the bate regarding the death. Plus he really wants to know who killed his sister.

Be aware of spoiler alerts

First thoughts?

Episode one, I was trying to figure out why Alex allowed himself to take the blame. Why on earth, would he ever kill his sister? I know why he took the offer but something about that didn’t sit right with me.

My first impression was Rodolfo, the not-so strong son of César Lazcano was the killer. Reason being Sara was pregnant with his “supposed” baby. I thought he was one of cliché rich kids who was egoistical and just used the poor to his advantage.

After watching a couple more episodes, my attention went to Chema Lazcano. The brother who was afraid that Sara would tell he was gay. Plus he had a crush on Alex and Sara knew about that. But it tells me that something about their relationship was not fully explained. Why did Sara dislike Chema so much? Despite him banging her head against the wall, AFTER she confirmed she knew he liked her brother. Why was she so upset Chema liked her brother? Was Chema being creepy with the video recording of Alex taking a shower? Yes, but it seems that Sara had a lot of people disliking her, that raised a brow. What was going on with her?

That brings me to the observation that Sara was not this innocent young girl. No, she did not deserve to die at all, but somethings about her are a little questionable. Why did she keep the baby, knowing César did not want it, why did she choose to lie? First off, why she did even sleep with her boyfriend’s father? (Or why was César sleeping with all of his son’s girlfriends and wives). I could say for that situation, Sara might have just been naive and coerced. I mean César is running an entire sex “club” more so trafficking ring in the basement of his casino. BUT that does not change the fact that Sara had some underlying things going on. She also had all the men around her smitten.

Elisa is probably the most confusing character on the show for me, besides some others. At first, I thought she was sure using Alex just to get information from him. How on earth did she not think he would find her out. I mean Elisa.. you seen his wall , you really think that he would have not known who you were? Girl, your entire family is being spied on. You were not an exception. I don’t think she means anything super harmful. It’s just at the end of the day, that is her family and no matter what, I doubt she will change on them.

Bruno story line took too long to get off the foot, we saw him so many times at the casino. They never allowed him to execute his escape plan. Also, why didn’t it click to him that the other women were in danger as well. Not just the one who told him. I definitely thought that Bruno was going to be the one to bust down the Lazcano empire. Honestly, I still think that because he could take down César. His mother Sofiá would totally be down for it. Due to the fact she doesn’t have any where to stay now. It could be revenge, but she also has César’s baby now. She seems to think that her charm will win him over or (not).

Things that just made me..wonder

Mariana was the quiet house wife who seemed to be oblivious to almost everything her family was doing. She was just as perverted as her husband, grooming Elroy since he was a young child. This family was just so sick and corrupt. I for sure got ticked off when they tried to make Chema’s relationship seem like the sin of all sins . When they actually had dark secrets that were definitely against God’s will. Chema read them to fifth at his dinner and I was literally rocking him on the entire time. I hated how the father tried to make it seem like his lifestyle was so perverted. When in actuality he literally was doing the unthinkable! And not just one unthinkable, multiple things that are deemed as wrong.

I think this scene expressed the idea of how Christian families are often committing sins themselves. They typically try to “draw the line” at LGBTQ lifestyles. Seeing Chema fight back though was great, and definitely proved he was strong. Much stronger than what they tried to make him out to be. He still faces some dilemmas as well. I did like how they didn’t further the idea that he still liked Alex. I was happy to know that he did really love Lorenzo. That got confirmed when he playfully expressed to Elisa that he was once in love with Alex. Slightly jealous as well she got to be with him. By the way he was talking, you can tell he was pretty much done with liking Alex. Somewhat accepting Elisa and Alex’s new found relationship.

Lorenzo always seemed fed up to me. I think he is a little skeptical of Chema because of the family situation. That makes me think as well is Lorenzo truly does care for Lorenzo. He just see’s that his family is a danger to them. Not really a good omen they should be around.

Back to Mariana, I disliked her so much. She also acted oblivious to the father cheating as if it was nothing. I mean obviously she knew that he was a cheater, she knew about Sara and him. Now her trying to kill Sara and making Elroy do the dirty work was wrong. She was one of those rich women that used the poor just to their advantage. I didn’t like that at all!. Then she had the nerve to convince Sara to do everything before her belly started to grow so no regrets. GIRL BYE.

Then she kills Elroy? Talk about some mom figure.

What season 2 needs to bring

I want César to get the treatment back of how he has treated everybody around him. He is a dirty scumbag who has never had to deal with the sins he has done. Hopefully someone tells about the basement of the casino. The girls get freed while César and his buddy Sergio get arrested and thrown under the jail.

Mariana needs to go to jail as well because I think she definitely knows that her husband’s sex trafficking in the basement of the casino. I honestly think she may the one killing the women once she finds out about them.

Alex needs complete closure and does not need to be with Elisa. That’s not going to end well at all. Elisa just needs to go to her masters program and forget all of this happened.

Rodolfo confronts his father for all the dirt that has happened. Plus who locked him in the sauna room? That needs to be explained as well.

Chema needs to move on from his family and go be with Lorenzo. He also needs to keep his eye on little miss surrogate. Clara raises some suspicions for me.

Finally we just need to know who killed Sara!


  • Sara may be alive and hiding or she may have committed suicide. I am saying that because of the secret diary.
  • Mariana attempt to kill Sara did not work, so she might have been the one strangling her?
  • Debunking that theory, César killed Sara because she knew too much.
  • Nicandro was the guy who spoke with Elisa in the basement of the club.
  • Elisa and Alex will break up.
  • The skull Alex finds belongs to his mother.
  • Sara might have killed her mother while Alex was in jail.
  • Sofiá and Bruno will be the ones to tell about the casino basement.
  • Sofiá may have the baby out of spite, (she’s messy).
  • Lorenzo and Chema will get back together BUT Clara might steal the baby.
  • Clara boyfriend may kidnap the baby.
  • Someone out of the Lazcano family will be killed.
  • Rodolfo will finally stand up.

Season 2 will appear on Netflix, May 19th.

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