Spring Fashion Outfit Guide 2021

Okay first off let me just say I hate putting outfits together in the spring. If you live in Michigan like myself. You typically might find yourself juggling between wearing a coat one day and shorts the next. As someone who wants to always wear a beret and thigh high boots whenever I get a chance, I HATE SPRING. It’s too hot sometimes too old. Oh and Michigan weather sucks.

Enough of me rambling and let me help you this Spring. Lets discuss some trends and cool things to wear!

1. Buy black this season


Kerrhyn is one of the latest black owned fashion designers that caught my eye. The usage of vibrant abstract patterns make this one of the best looks for the season. The pieces are groovy and the pants make you feel you’re in the 70s. Check out her TikTok and her instagram @kerrhyn.

2. Monochromatic is the now.

If you’re anyone like me who enjoys solid color outfits once in a while. I definitely suggest wearing monochromatic. It’s the now and after the Inauguration that’s really all you have been seeing. Okay, I know you’re probably wondering what is monochromatic? It’s just simple solid colors paired together.

3.Wide leg pants are here to stay

I think wide leg pants are in, they aren’t exactly the Y2K trend that everyone is hopping on. They are more so streetwear, disco to me. I typically would pair them with a small tight fit sweater, turtleneck, hoodie or crop top to emphasis my hips. I like that look because the pants are already wide, oversized on some occasions but a smaller shirt tends to give you a more fitted look.

4. Baguette bags are a MUST

SOURCE: JW PEI’s Gabbi Bag-Ice $79.00 USD

Shoulder bags that only fit your wallet, lip gloss and cell phone is perfect for the spring months. No more carrying around a bunch of junk, you don’t need anymore. Carry a bag that is stylish, in trend and also did I mention the super cute colors!

5. Stylish shades

A good pair of shades is always a must during those sunny days. Some websites that has inexpensive ones are PrettyLittleThing , Amazon and Boohoo.

6. You can’t go wrong with a bubble umbrella

SOURCE: Kohl’s totes Bubble Umbrella- $19.50 USD

If you live in a state like Michigan with so many dreary days of rain and thunder. It’s really hard to attempt to be stylish when the weather is unpredictable. Stay prepared with a totes Bubble Umbrella, that even on the rainy days you can still show off your fit!

Dress to impress and remember that style is to the individual. Still stuck on finding your style? Here’s a guide for reference!

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