Your fashion sense sucks because you don’t know what you’re doing

It’s best to figure out your personal style so you can have a sense of fashion.

A drag session of the non fashionable people in the world.

During my days of attending class before COVID-19 made me pack up and return to my hometown. I was one of the people who dressed up for class, work, a trip to Target, a weekend dining hall trip with my friends, almost anywhere. We’re talking mini skirts, a shirt that’s overly dressy, a pair of boots or even heels to match the “extraness” I was going to serve that day.

Classmates, work mates and even the secret admirers, all asked the same thing, “wow you look great but why are you so dressed up?” In my mind, I was thinking why wasn’t everyone else dressed up. My fashion crave all began when I got addicted to Pinterest, the outfit inspirations, fashion quotes, and the diys all made me become this fashionista over time. I began to live by the saying, “live your life like its a fashion runway”, or something on the lines of that.

It really started to annoy me when people would constantly ask me over and over again, where I shopped or why was I doing what I was doing. To this day, people are still asking! It’s good to be an inspiration but the dread of the questions just make me think, hmm how can I help these poor young adults who don’t know how to figure out their personal style. It clicked in my head, write it about! Give them a guide on how to accomplish their inner fashion style.

In the process, I am going to tell you what’s stopping you from living like a fashion queen and clothes plus accessories you absolutely do need in your closet space! Let’s get into the drag session.


Not much to say about these but any true fashion queen know that Crocs are the most disgusting looking shoes on the planet. They should have never been created and you absolutely don’t need them because they take a 10 outfit and turn it into a solid zero. Next case.

2. You’re too scared of your non stylish friends opinion

You will never reach your full style potential if you’re dressing like your friends or worried they’re going to judge you because you shopped on the clearance rack. Yes, the clothes on the clearance rack are probably out of season and won’t fit into the now trend BUT that’s where your own inner style comes into play. Plus if you don’t like the way they dress, “knock on the noggin” don’t listen to them.. shall we continue.

3. Nice clothes but no accessories or nice clothes and horrific accessories

Accessories hold a special power within an outfit, they’re like the condiments to a hot dog , who just wants a plain hot dog? No one, so that means if you want people to know you have good sense of style, you have to cover all grounds. I am talking outlandish earrings, shoes that stand out, a purse that screams “bougie” or “I can dress like that because I know what I am doing” bag. Any type of accessory that takes that five outfit to a 10. Don’t be super tacky though..keep it at a minimum. Don’t scare the girls, serve them looks!

4. You think wearing designer labels give you the super “stylish title”

If you can afford it, that’s great but if you cannot don’t mix all the brands and call your self a “trendsetter” you look foolish babes. Only because it’s another tacky look. People can tell you really can’t afford it because you’re wearing it all at once. Second, you just don’t match at all, some brands just don’t need to be merged…

5. Twitter told you something is lame so now you avoid it

This is not even about style, this is about the individuality that you lack. To have style, you can’t worry about what social media says, half the people dress the same. The real influencers on social media have a select style that sets them apart from the rest, rather that be a signature hair style, photo scheme, just something that proves their uniqueness. Meanwhile you’re still confused on where to shop because the store with stuff you may actually like is not “cool enough”. Are we still in grade school? Thought we were all adults.

6. You’re just honestly confused… I get it…

It took me all through high school, and now to my junior year of college to finally figure out what I wanted my for now style to be. I tapped into a lot of looks until I found the one that worked for me. The best way to find your inner style and switch it up is to actually try different styles or merge styles! Don’t let trends get to you because they die… watch movies, shows and pay attention to what they wear, you might find a liking.

Honestly, it all comes down to your mindset, when you put the outfit on. If you’re not confident, it will show and people will talk, but it also shows that you got people talking. People are going to criticize you because they are haters and jealous. People can’t stand when they sense you are happy and wearing what you want to wear and wearing it good. They expect you to be like them but when you’re not, it drives them insane and makes them face their own insecurities. Wear what you want to wear and never let anyone stop you. You are your best self when you are comfortable and loving your self!

7. You just don’t got it….

This is fine as well, every body doesn’t have to dress up or have a fashion sense. That doesn’t mean you have to dress like you just got out of the bed every day. Fashion should not be something you shy away, no matter your age, race, or gender. You should embrace it because what we wear speaks for ourselves before we even open our mouths. It’s apart of our personality, our mood, our everything.

It’s about finding your look, and confidence to follow. Going into stores, shopping on the clearance rack, having mini shopping sprees, going thrifting, buying online, buying four pairs of shoes at once (I literally did this about two weeks ago). Its about just living and enjoying the things that make us literally us! Never be too shy to experiment, everyday brings us a new opportunity. You just never know who you may meet or see so always serve a look.

-Love, Chandra who seriously thinks everyone should have a fashion sense!

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