Dollar Tree Store located in Southfield, Michigan. Photo Credit: Chandra Fleming

5 Steps On How to Improve Your Dollar Tree Trip

Dollar Tree is one of those stores you have to spend a little time in to find the perfect find

Improving your shopping trips starts with improving your Dollar Tree trips. Dollar Tree is one of the stores that you have to spend more than 30 minutes inside or you have wasted an entire trip.

It’s different than CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Family Dollar and Dollar General because everything in the store is $1.25. In 2022, all stores will change their original $1 price tags, r.i.p to the last standing dollar store where everything was a dollar.

Here are five steps, your DT shopping trip can be better and not a drag.

1. Think creatively

The oven mitt, pot holder, cookie mix, spatula and ribbon came from Dollar Tree. The vinyl was brought separately.

 Cricut users shop at DT because it allows them to buy products that would be considered as “blanks” for their vinyl creations. DT has a variety of blanks from glassware, wood blocks, soap and tooth brush holders, water bottles, containers oven mitts, and pot holders.

It’s a place that’s useful for beginner vinyl users to test out their machine on products that aren’t super expensive.

2. Slow down and look around

The key to shopping is always just slow down and take your time! The bigger the store, the longer you should shop, vice versa.

DT is not super big, but it’s not super small. Shopping for a max of 30 minutes is a good time to find something unique.

3. Don’t be afraid to splurge

DT has a lot of different products for any niche. Their candy collection is wide spread and perfect for the next movie night.

In your next trip, find a new DIY project or some snacks for a cozy night in!

4. Avoid the fear of judgement

Ethnic hair products sold at a Dollar Tree location in Michigan.

Don’t be afraid to step into a DT, because you feel your friends or family may judge you. It’s a store that is full with so many different products for many niches and bargains. 

It can serve as a safe place if you’re on a budget or looking for something in small quantity. 


Some DT stores offer Snack Zones full of snacks for movie night, camping trips, and parties.

Not all DT stores are the same, location matters a lot. Some stores have more variety and some are very basic.


A lot of stores in areas where there are not many shoppers typically do not have good products, the busier the store the better the product.


Check out stores in different cities around you, eventually you will be able to find the best store for you.


Improving your Dollar Tree trip happens over time!

For many different niches, there are Facebook groups that connect you with other shoppers, and creators who are DT stans. If you are on Facebook, definitely check out DT groups for more information. Until then, start shopping, saving and have fun!


Small business owners can also benefit from Dollar Tree. In this blog post, find some small business supplies you can find in the store for $1.25.

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