Behind Her Eyes is a British suspenseful thriller book, turned into a mini short series on Netflix. It was originally created by Sarah Pinborough but the film adaption was by Steve Lightfoot. Be-aware of spoilers. In short it follows a single mother(Louise) who meets this charming bearded man (David) at a bar after her suspected friend does not show. The two share a kiss by accident and coincidentally the next day, Louise finds out thats her new boss. The boss who also just so happens to have a wife who “knows things”.

At first I was very annoyed and not amused. One because the make up department gave Louise (Simona Brown is very pretty in real life) a wig that didn’t do her justice. Aren’t production companies tired of making black women look tired? Anyway the first couple scene screamed cliché for me. From the drink spill on David’s shirt, to the random kiss. If anyone has ever read books on Wattpad, you definitely would have thought this was a Wattpad book turned into a series. Not saying it was totally bad at first but it was a little too coincidentally.

While watching the episodes, I took notes to get my first hand reaction. Here they are below.

Episode 1- Almost too long

“It was okay but it was almost too cliché. It’s giving us Wattpad vibes. Typical guy meets girl at bar , they kiss he ends up being her boss. His wife is still a mystery, she runs into her and makes a mistake and knocks her down..”

The future mistress knocking down the wife was strange as it could get. Also showed that Louise had absolutely no luck. One mistake Louise for sure made was agree to have coffee with the lady! If someone knocks me down on the street the last thing I would want to do is drink coffee with them afterwards. This was actually the first sign of something was a little off with Adele as well.

Episode 2- Scenes made me uncomfortable

“I didn’t like how her son had to leave his mom. In real life I feel like that wouldn’t of been so easy…”

Typically I doubt the mom would have let the son go that easy to go be with dad and new step mom. I guess that scene had to happen in order for Mr.David to start his affairs in Louise’s bedroom. As someone who does not promote cheating, the scenes of David and Louise made me super uneasy and I almost fast forwarded because I was triggered. Adele on the other hand, I was feeling bad for her but then she kept doing things that made me still question her. I thought she was crazy by this episode.

Episode 3- Louise is cringe?

“Inappropriately listened to the call. Tried to stop the man from cheating. Wife a manipulator “do the right thing”. “I deserve to f** up” her friend tried to warn her …. she won’t listen… using them both. He wife says they will never leave each other .”

REMEMBER:  That guy saw Louise and David!

This episode made me dislike Louise the most. She was trying too hard to keep in-tune with this married couple’s life. When she picked up that phone to listen to the call, I literally almost turned off the tv. Who does that? Why was she was so invested, was she that bored? Not only was I annoyed by Louise, but I was most definitely disliking Adele too. She was trying to hang on to her relationship so hard but secretly knew… no comment. Louise not listening to her friend also upset me because of course her sad ending could have been avoided. Can’t lie though, the wife saying they will never leave each other was hot tea. I was like, “oooh.” Definitely thought there were some dirt on David.

Episode 4- Rob?

“Messy everything blows up in her face! . She lost her job…Why would she ever go to her house…Steals the documents and gives it to Adele?”

Now this episode had me thinking so many things. Once more I was on the verge of wanting to personally tell off Louise because she was talking too much! Definitely a lesson in mind the business that pays you, too bad Louise didn’t understand that. No pun intended. David had a lot of nerve to fire Louise but Louise also had a lot of nerve trying to check David! He told her, he warned her and she still decided to run her little old mouth. It’s crazy how Louise thought by giving loyalty to Adele made sense after she had been fooling around with her husband. Are people really like that? Totally thought Rob was obsessed with Adele… wanted them to date. I thought he was her true soulmate. But Rob is dead? At first I totally thought David killed Rob because he didn’t want this other lad coming in stealing his soon to be wife. BUT!

Episode 5- Adele is nuts

“Louise do too much…Talk too much she talked too much to David. Adele killed rob …. she played mind games. She’s obsessed with David … she killed him on purpose. She played David dropped his watch …. Adele moved on?”

By now, I am super confused. I don’t know why Adele would kill Rob but it raised my suspicion. Louise once again, could have left this whole situation along. Your son just came back home and I thought as a mother that’s where her focus should have been. I don’t understand how she got so caught up into these people’s lifestyle when she had an out. I always had a love hate relationship with Adele, I felt bad for her because I mean her husband is cheating on her..but she became very vindictive and it was almost like… oh I see now. David on the other hand? He was a wild mess.

Episode 6- WHAT THE?

“Louise shouldn’t of did that. She is wild..Why would she go back to save her … it made no sense ..Oh noooo what the heck.. A whole mind twist..”

It took six episodes to get to the point which was pretty wack to me. BUT, I did not think innocent Rob was going to be the uncommon figure here. I think the issue for me not catching on quick was because I never fully understood the dreams part. Rob lucked up when he met Louise, because she was just like the real Adele. Which also means maybe thats why David fell in love so easily. The thing is Rob.. fails to realize that David will never fully love him. Eventually he will dislike him in Louise body and maybe David may can fully escape. Speaking of Louise.. what would ever make her go to the house and try to save her. That was the biggest, huh? Sadly, Louise got what she deserved sad to say because DAVID literally told her to stay out of it! The only person who I see totally lost in the situation was Louise’s little son. He will grow up with two strangers. I also felt his father felt some type away about Louise when she returned, he knew something was off!


Overall I was more so disappointed with Louise because she put her own life in jeopardy for the sake of nothing honestly. She had the guy at the end of the day, all she had to do was stay home and mind her business. Poor the real Adele, she never stood a chance. Rob? He’s a weirdo and will always be one because he’s obsessed with a man who does not love him at all, or does he? Not really.

I personally would love to see a season two for some left over questions, I have. Which are the following!

  1. What will happen to Louise’s young child?
  2. Will the little boy father come and get him?
  3. When will David realize he has the wrong Louise?
  4. Is Louise still alive per the bird in her home ?
  5. Is Adele really dead or is she the bird?
  6. What did David’s patient ever tell Adele/Rob?

I give this short series a 7/10.

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