Hit or Miss with CHANNIE: Ariana Grande ‘Positions’ is what 2020 needed from her

Ms. Grande gives us grown and sexy…

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Hello everyone, I want to start doing album reviews because I enjoy music but I also want to take a deeper dive in them! This will be fun and also a good way of dissecting songs and their meanings. 

My first album that I will be reviewing is Ariana Grande’s recent studio album Positions, which came out on October 31, 2020. Let’s dig into it. 

Can I start off by saying that Ms.Grande is one to give us a different sound every now and then. This album is definitely R&B and not much like her last album, thank u, next. This is more romantic, we’re seeing Grande in a more mature sound. 

The first song on the album is called, shut upwhich is about the folks who still worry about you even post break up. It’s a cute song, but it didn’t draw me in at first. 6/10. 

I stumbled over the next tracks because I wasn’t drawn in and then finally I got to ‘motive’, it was fun, what I wanted. It’s a feature with Doja Cat. Almost quite controversial due to the allegations surrounding Ms. Doja Cat but it was a bop, definitely seeing that being a single. 7/10

After listening and getting ready for my day, I finally heard the one, the song that makes you say … okay I can dig it. ‘safety net’, it’s my  mood. The feeling of being in a new relationship, scared, not sure, in love but wanting to give it a try. I loved it, it’s my favorite because it made me feel something. I could relate and I definitely think having Ty Dolla Sign was a plus! 10/10 would definitely recommend it. 

‘my hair’ didn’t do it for me. Only because it sounds like someone else should be singing it. It’s a song you listen to but glance over it because it’s just not, “it”. It could be relatable for some but for me it just didn’t feel the right singer was singing it. 5/10

Number 10 aka ‘west side’  is sexy and what we needed to hear from Ariana. I was always a fan of sultry Ariana. This song is about embracing that inner sexy, that confidence and expressing it. It’s screaming hey why don’t you love me, boy! Or whoever people may be in love with! 9/10!

‘love language’ 7/10 but it reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song. 

‘positions’ 7/10, grew on me but it might be overplayed and then turn into a regular degular song. 

By the time ‘obvious’ came on, it felt like a song that I have already heard on the album. Not bad but maybe we could have saved it? 6/10

‘pov’ is a good closing song. It’s the end of the story, it’s the okay we’re together but, “baby, how do you view me?”. The chorus, the little break down in the song is the icing on the cake. It’s that “does he think or does she think…” If you are in a relationship, you definitely have those thoughts, this song expresses that. 10/10

It’s a hit Ms.Grande. I would go see you in concert for this album because it’s cute and makes me feel emotion. It’s what we needed from Grande, we needed that mature, sexy vibe. Often I feel she gets held back because people think her music is too pop or childish. This album makes her a versatile artist, from production to her pen work. You can tell the songs she wrote from songs she didn’t.

Dear songs not mentioned, you’re just as special as the rest but who wants to hear me ramble? 

Until then, expect more album reviews and updates!

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