Hit or Miss With CHANNIË: Masego’s ‘Studying Abroad’ EP

Did I enjoy this release? Eh, did I hate it? The issue that rises is I am not pleased. I wished of having at-least 10 songs on the R&B artist latest piece but instead was given six tracks that did not wow me.

Masego has become one of my favorite artists with his songs, ‘I Had A Vision’ off his debut album ‘Lady Lady’. I expected more songs of mellow beats and features like Tiffany Gouche.

Mystery Lady is the leading single off the track list and it’s okay. I want more classy, jazz this was a little boring for me. It reminded of all the other artist who sounds similar. I understand the ups and down tracks about relationship. It just does not sound different than anything, that has been heard before.

What happened to previous Masego?

What made Masego stand out from the beginning was his unique old style music sound. His music reminded me of the 80s, 90s R&B. With that touch of saxophone, it made his music stick with me.

He’s featured on R&B artist Kehlani’s ‘Hate The Club’ song off her latest album, ‘It Was Goof Until It Wasn’t’. After hearing the whole song, I fell in love with the background sounds of him on the saxophone. It set the tone for the song, it made you envision the scene using the words as Kehlani sings and he plays.

I expected that again, to feel in the moment. In this new release, I feel that I am missing the purpose of the songs.

Songs that stood out

‘Polygamy’ is okay but if you’re not into that specific type of dating, could you really relate to the song.

‘Bye Felicia’ is probably one of the best song because everyone can relate to having a ex who simply can’t move on or let go.

The release is okay but it sounds rush and better will be in the future.

Not sure about the EP still? Masego did an interview with BET, about the songs and their meanings. Here’s a link .

This EP was a miss for me sadly, 6/10.

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