Guide: Making Your V-Day Less Suck-ish

This guide is helpful even if you are boo’d up or single as a pringle. The tips provided are all optional but also fun alternative during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Dress to impress

Rather that be in your tiny studio apartment, or your childhood bedroom. Bring out the pinks, reds, whites, and don’t forget to wear an iconic accessory. Which could be a beret, a diamond necklace, a heart shape purse (yes Kate Spade, we’re waiting on the restock). Wear something that makes you feel all the feels rather that be sad, depressed or super happy!

Photo Credit: H&M

H&M Red Bodycon Dress- $12.99

It’s sexy, fun and not as long as it looks in the picture. (I have it!)

2. Buy a heart shape pizza

Last year, I found myself catching a city bus around my campus searching for the closet pizza location. I only had a couple dollars to spend on this pizza but I wanted to feel good and treat myself. I marched into Cottage Inn and got me a heart shape pizza, too bad it was cold when I got to my dorm room.

Photo Credit: Jets Pizza

The heart shape pizza was great to eat but I didn’t realize the difficulty i had to face when I had to cut it myself.

3. Make candy baskets

This basket can be great for yourself, or it can be full of candy that your partner enjoys. I would fill mine with candies such as Starbursts, Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish. Last year, I brought myself a teddy bear since I would be myself. I topped it all off with some strawberry lemonade.

This item was made by CHANNIË

4. Stay inside, decorate

With COVID-19, it may not be as easy to find a location to dine in. No problem, create your own diner. Valentine decorations can be as cheap as $1 to hundreds of dollars. Dollar Tree is a perfect spot for table cloths, plates, napkins, cups, and other Valentine theme items. Plus you can buy actual food there if you’re on a tight budget.

5. Watch a sappy romance movie

Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ are always there for you when you need them the most! My movie suggestion for this year is To All The Boys, I Loved Before. It’s a perfect flick for the modern day lover girl. Not only is it super relatable but the fashion is cute and the baking scene is adorable.

6. Have a Galentine’s Night

Gather your closest friends, head to Target or Dollar Tree and everyone grab one food or drink item. Then get some decorations, and don’t forget the cookies or cupcakes. Galentine is typically a “girl Valentine” it’s for your female friends to get together, bake cookies, food , drink wine and celebrate friendship. It’s the best idea for a group of friends who are single, and don’t want to be alone on this lovely day.

7. Remember that it’s just a day

Rather you will be showered with a dozen roses or not told Happy Valentine’s Day by no one. Remember that it’s just a day, it doesn’t matter because the next day will come and you will forget all about it. If anything, treat yourself. Wear a cute fit, or get yourself a heart shape pizza. Who knows maybe next year, you may be having dinner at a fancy restaurant. Until then catch up on that new Ariana Grande album while you’re at!

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