Guide: Birthday Girl Amazon Gifts

Is your birthday around the corner? Are you looking for birthday gifts? Well, you’re in such luck because I have generated 10 birthday gifts that will make myself or that lucky boss babe happy. Let’s get into it.

Oh btw.. this is not sponsored by Amazon.

1. Teyana Taylor – The Album vinyl- $23.99

Tey Tey had an amazing album release in 2020. This is perfect for that R&B lover in your life who loves to jam out in style.

2. Ipad Pro 12.9 – $999.00

Okay now this is a little pricey but this tool is perfect for that creative friend who wants to learn a new skill. They could download apps like Procreate, to make stickers. It’s an investment hey will sure love.

3. The TikTok Leggings- $19.99

TikTok users says these leggings are amazing on the behind. Why not give your friend a butt lift for only $20? Now boyfriends, I am not sure if this a great gift for your girlfriend. I think you should stick to vinyls and iPads.

4. Pretty notebooks – $18.00

Sometimes journaling is the best outlet. This gift will allow the birthday girl to write out thoughts, and create new ideas.

5. TLC Funko Pop! – $25.99

Source: Amazon

Possibly one of the most random gifts you could give but who isn’t a fan of TLC?

6. Four pack berets- $16.98

Sometimes girls need some fashion tips indirectly. If you want them to get into a new style, just buy them it and let them try it out.

7. City Girls – City On Lock vinyl- $18.98

Okay, I might have a slight obsession with vinyls. I also love the City Girls.

8. Record player- $65.99

After buying all those vinyls, you’re definitely going to need a vinyl record player.

9. Jewelry holder- $106.93

Is your bestie or daughter a makeup lover? Well this is super cute and she needs it.

10. Pink chairs- $189.99

Perfect for the birthday girl who has a new living space. Plus it comes with two.

Spoil the birthday girl…

At the end of the day never cheat the birthday girl. Spoil her, make her feel special!

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