Fall Fashion Outfit Guide 2020

Fall is one of the best seasons to really show your personal style. The question is where do you start and how do you find that sense of style for fall fashion!

Accessories for fall fashion

Restaurant fall outfits.

Using accessories in my outfits is a big thing for me because they make the outfit pop. In the picture above, I wore oversized sunglasses, hoop earrings and a mini Furla bag that gave my outfit a unique touch. The bag especially because it’s very tiny, the shape is literally to die for. Find an accessory that’s unique to you to set your fall fashion out!

Berets and mini skirts forever

One thing about me is, I am definitely going to wear a beret with just about every outfit I have because of the style the hat gives off. It’s classy, and definitely a sign of high maintenance. Mini skirts are fun and always a girly girl touch to an outfit. I typically pair it with thigh high boots or a pair of knee socks. This look can be used as date night, apple orchard trips or even a shopping day.

Finding colors that go together

I actually wore this outfit for Valentine’s Day 2020, which would be deemed as a winter outfit but this fit could work for fall too. I paired a hot pink mini skirt, with a black turtle neck, knee socks and a pink beret. My favorite part of this outfit is actually the black belt on the mini skirt because I believe it’s the part of the outfit that put the two colors together. Finding two colors that go together can be a challenge but to find an accessory that brings the two together is even better!

Blazers are not just for professional usage

This was one of my favorite outfits because I paired a blazer with just some mom jeans and a t-shirt! I think a lot of times people get the impression that blazers are only good for professional settings but it’s nothing wrong with adding them to your every day life. Indeed you should because they can make any relaxed outfit into a more dressed up, or semi-casual one. Plus blazers are a sign of sophistication, they make you look more educated. This fall find you at blazer and even better make it oversized!

Long coats are a trend this year

This was a picture of me last Thanksgiving but since I do work in a retail clothing store, I see the trend now is long pea-coats that are typically plaid. Long coats are great for me because I often wear mini skirts and sometimes its hard to be comfortable without feeling like your behind is out. This fall I plan to buy even more long coats, some even oversized because they’re cute, fun and stylish.

Where to actually shop for fall fashion

Around this time last year, I went on a trip that changed my life forever! This outfit I wore was possibly one of my favorite, best outfits to this date. This outfit probably cost me less than $100 but it was so cute! The blazer, and the purse both came from the thrift store. Skirt is from Forever 21, the turtle neck is a bodysuit and was from a small store in my town. Regarding the knee boots and beret, I don’t remember where they were bought. When shopping for fall fashion you have two choices go the what’s trendy route or the I want to look unique route. To shop the trendy route shop at H&M, Forever 21, ZARA, department stores, SHEIN, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing or ROMWE. Those type of places are typically deemed as fast fashion places that make clothes that also are trending at the moment. For a more unique approach try thrift stores such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army or shop at local boutiques in your area.

Fall fashion isn’t hard to find nor indulge in

Finding style takes time and if you need any more tips, you are free to check out my other blog post where I discuss finding personal style. Until then, shop around, find some pieces and try out every style you can!

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