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Who Killed Sara? : Season 2…still gave me no answer

Season two of Who Killed Sara?, leaves fans wanting more and more details and clues to crack the mystery death of young Sara.

Who Killed Sara? Season two follows the continuation of trying to figure out who killed Alex’s sister Sara. The first season left us knowing that Mariana (mother huncho Lazcano) was one of the people trying to kill Sara. Mariana gave assistant Elroy the duty to cut the strap of the parasailing jacket but he does not follow through. In season two the show begins with us still wondering who killed Sara but we also get a chance to learn more about her dark past.

Just like my previous reviews, I took notes each episode listing things that stood out and shocked me. Here are some recaps.

Episode 1 – Elisa disappointed me.

Elisa was always one of the characters who confused me. At first I wasn’t too sure if she was team Alex or team Lazcano. This season I learned that she was definitely fed up with the drama of her family and did want change. My only issue with her is the constantly following Alex adventures. In this season she almost faces her own death. Elisa had no business being at the amusement park. That was a dangerous move and sadly it ended in her injury.

Comments I made during episode one.

“Sara is nuts!!! She kicked her mother down the steps….. oh my gawd. One minute in….. and she… 

“Did Sara kill her mother?  The mom may be threatened by her?”

“Sara was about to hit a kid over the head ..”

“The surrogate … big sis…. SHADY…. GUYS” 

“Nicandro missing…”.

César no longer the bad guy

This whole entire season was about making César the good guy and Sergio Mr.Evil. I think the show did a big flip on making César less unlikeable, we seen the more survival side of him. The gentle family man, the only issue with that is he has no regards for others and their family. He cares so much about his daughter but when it came down to other men and their daughter he was a complete dog. I didn’t expect him to kill Sergio though, that was a big “whoah” moment for me. Also along the fact he faked his own death to save his daughter and get Alex help, that was very impressive.

Rodolfo out of control…still

Rodolfo is one of those characters, I never fully connect with. I understood his issues, how he felt with losing Sara, and his dad making a baby with his wife. In this season, he’s having withdrawals acting as if he is about to lose his mind. His beef with Alex was something unique to me because before the first season ended, he did not have a problem with him. Alex let him stay with him. I assume the writers wrote that in because they wanted to show how confused and frustrated that Rodolfo was.

Overall his ending scene where he laughs as the casino burned down was hilarious.

Things that SHOCKED me!

Chema was always making bad decisions but the main decision he made always ticks me off is believing little miss surrogate. I understand he believe that Clara was innocent and such a great person but she always gave a strange vibe.

In this season, we learned that Clara and Marifer are actually blood sisters who are plotting against the Lazcano family while also using Alex for his smarts and techniques. The sisters believe that the Lazcano were the cause of their mother’s death. In this season we also learn that the two sisters are actually half sisters to the deceased Sara.

It was self explanatory for the audience because eventually the story unfolded when we find out who Marifer’s parents are. Eventually we see Sara going to visit that same man who appears in a photo with Marifer’s mom and then the truth is out.

In that same sense, Marifer not only (possibly) killed Sara because we see her cutting the ropes after getting into a heated argument with her. She also killed Clara and the baby because she accidentally pulled the trigger.

Not only did Chema lose the love of his life Lorenzo, he lost his baby.

Nicandro is not as innocent as he appears but I am not exactly surprised. His hate for Sara is strong and his exact motive is never talked about. We can’t forget she did try to kill him.

Okay… this made no sense

Why in the world did the family ever realize Elisa is gone besides Alex and the dad. I understand they were grieving the “death” of César but I found it weird they didn’t address her absence at the funeral. Despite them just thinking that she could have just been in Spain.

Marifer knew the name of the patient Sara’s mother was going to see at the clinic. Why didn’t she realize that Sara had a connection with her father, at that point? It makes me wonder if she knew about the possible connection but decided to act naive.

Chema is still obsessed with Alex, but knows that his sister’s mate. Plus he seems heavily in love with Lorenzo. Pushing the overly crazy admirer is something I felt Chema should have outgrown by season two.

Recap of season 1 goals for season 2

During my season one recap, I included in my blog some things I wanted season two bring.

  • I want César to get the treatment back of how he has treated everybody around him. He is a dirty scumbag who has never had to deal with the sins he has done. Hopefully someone tells about the basement of the casino. The girls get freed while César and his buddy Sergio get arrested and thrown under the jail.

Well in actuality César turns into this good guy who fakes his own death. The casino was destroyed and women we see the secret lounge destroyed. Atleast the other evil guy Sergio is no longer around.

  • Mariana needs to go to jail as well because I think she definitely knows that her husband’s sex trafficking in the basement of the casino. I honestly think she may the one killing the women once she finds out about them.

Wrong, Mariana is still free. Her secrets have not been exposed not.

  • Alex needs complete closure and does not need to be with Elisa. That’s not going to end well at all. Elisa just needs to go to her masters program and forget all of this happened.

This almost happened but then Elisa comes back and gets kidnapped. Alex was the only one who was going to successfully save her. Such a sappy love story.

  • Rodolfo confronts his father for all the dirt that has happened. Plus who locked him in the sauna room? This needs explaining as well.

Very glad this occurred because Rodolfo received a lot of hate from his father. We also learn that Elroy was the one who locked him in the room and then lets him out.

  • Chema needs to move on from his family and go be with Lorenzo. He also needs to keep his eye on little miss surrogate. Clara raises some suspicions for me.

The complete opposite happens and his future family is torn apart.

  • Finally we just need to know who killed Sara!

At first we knew who might have killed Sara but during the last episode we see another possibility.

More predictions that season 2 debunks…

Predictions (Season 2 Predictions)

  • Sara may be alive and hiding or she may have committed suicide. I am saying that because of the secret diary. WRONG
  • Mariana attempt to kill Sara did not work, so she might have been the one strangling her? WRONG
  • Debunking that theory, César killed Sara because she knew too much. WRONG
  • Nicandro was the guy who spoke with Elisa in the basement of the club. WRONG
  • Elisa and Alex will break up. RIGHT
  • The skull Alex finds belongs to his mother. WRONG
  • Sara might have killed her mother while Alex was in jail. WRONG
  • Sofiá and Bruno will be the ones to tell about the casino basement. WRONG
  • Sofiá may have the baby out of spite, (she’s messy). WELL...
  • Lorenzo and Chema will get back together BUT Clara might steal the baby. WRONG
  • Clara boyfriend may kidnap the baby. WRONG
  • Someone out of the Lazcano family is killed. WRONG
  • Rodolfo will finally stand up. WELL…

Season 3 Predictions

  • Nicandro and the doctor helped Sara go crazy and eventually led to her down spiral.
  • César makes his grand return once he learns about the casino fire.
  • Exposure may occur with Mariana.
  • Chema will not face jail time and will find peace.
  • Elisa and Alex get a happy ending love story.

The series is renewed for a third season but no release date. The series is available on Netflix.

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