5 New York Fashion Week Fall shows that stood out in 2024

Some unique looks from NYFW 2024.

Uniqueness took over NYFW Fall-Winter 2024.

From chich office wear to bold silhouettes and avant-garde looks. This season of fashion was all about uniqueness and classic wear.

Here are five NYFW Fall shows that stood out in 2024:


Oversized and broad shoulders are in. Luar took regular office wear like suits and added flair and chicness.

What I like about this collection: It’s classy and street at the same time but not too much. It can be worn as just high fashion or high fashion streetwear at the same time. It also brings the elements of office wear into more chicness and stylish fits. Whether it’s leather trousers, fur shaws or boxy t-shirt dresses, the looks are casual for everyday wear.


Crochet couture = Diotima. Carribirean-inspired crochet wear that speaks volumes.

What I like about this collection: Advances the wear of crochet-inspired looks and creates a luxury version of the style. Challenges the concept of knit and makes you interested through the intricate detailing and patterns.

Thom Browne

Classic wear but with avant-garde characteristics.

What I like about this collection: Thom Borne takes on classic fashion pieces just like Luar but creates avant-garde pieces that are only right for high fashion occasions. These looks are bold and are big statement pieces with their silhouettes. The big broad-shoulder looks remind me of vintage Thierry Mugler but with a more masculine appeal.


Avant-grade wear inspired by the viewership and the art of being seen. We see you AREA.

What I like about this collection: It’s somewhat relatable with the big googly eye-inspired looks but also unique in its own way.


Couture wedding gowns with a nod to the 90s corset runway looks. The wedding gown of your dreams?

What I like about this collection: Wiederhoeft is dramatic, sexy and also vintage. It has the appeal of your favorite vintage designers with a touch of modernism. From the way, the corset hugs the body and the silk flows effortlessly it gives a Cinderella appeal.

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