“Okay, so now you made it to college”- Freshmen Advice

College is a time for new beginnings and discovery. Check out these tips on how to have a successful entrance as a freshmen.

This week everyday will be filled with college freshmen tips, trends and other information for freshmen to have a great first semester.

Disclaimer: I am no expert at all but I am a college senior who has some tips on how to survive your freshmen year of college.

Let’s start with some do’s.

Participate in welcome week activities

At my university which is Michigan State located in East Lansing, Michigan. We have a ton of welcome week events such as social movie nights, events where organizations come out and try to gain members. Weekly craft nights, game nights and more. Plus you get free goodies!

These events are great if you want to make friends or just see what campus has to offer.

Figure out where your classes are located

Typically schedules are made beforehand. Something that I did with a friend maybe the first or second day I arrived was walk around campus. That way I familiarize myself with different sections of the campus and found out how far my classes were apart from each other.

Figure out transportation

My university’s town has a bus system that takes us to different sides of the campus. They were not available the first couple days but then they became available. I took a couple rides and downloaded the transit app to get familiar with it as well.

Make friends with people in your major

Making friends is not easy for everyone but during the first week that’s the best time to meet people. One because almost everyone you meet will be new. Two being that people are just confused as you are as well. #letsbeconfusedtogether

Meeting friends in your major shouldn’t be hard because those are the people who you see the most besides your roommates or friends prior too. Developing relationships with people within your major also will pay off especially when it comes to campus jobs they have access too or even just help with classes.

I have met majority of my new friends through my major and we constantly are letting each other know about opportunities in our field and organizations we can join.

Build a relationship with your advisor

Your advisor is almost like your mom or dad away from home. They can provide you with almost everything you need to succeed in college. Financial tools, classes, and they help you graduate!

We were suggested to meet at-least once a semester with our advisors to talk about goals and schedules. I met with mine that amount and I also met with her about issues I had within my classes.

Join an organization

Become active on campus as soon as you get there to create bonds and your resume. You need to develop some relationships because campuses can sometimes become overwhelming. Plus these organizations can be hobby, field or non related to your usual activities. Just try to join something that has your interest and will be a success to you in the future.

Ask for help

It is nothing wrong with developing a relationship with professors, campus counselors, or even upperclassmen. They are here to help and want to help. You just need to be comfortable and ask for help. Don’t go around needing something and not say anything.

Don’t forget your purpose

The first year can be challenging, despite the positives of college. There are a couple negatives or extra curricular activities that can easily lead to you forgetting your main purpose. Which should ultimately be getting your degree.

Remember why you are there every single day, write it down, put it as a reminder in your phone. Don’t get caught in platonic relationships, partying, drinking, sex or anything that may be a distraction.

Of course you are going to indulge in those things but it doesn’t have to be something that keeps you from doing your homework or leading you to academic probation.

Stay true to yourself

Don’t try to fit in so bad that you lose that spark that makes you an individual. Of course the new freedom and opportunities will teach you new things about yourself. Nothing is wrong with that but you have to remember that college is not forever but the decisions we make can be.

Also it’s just sometimes better to be yourself, some people you meet may not even know what they’re doing. Don’t be a follower, be a leader and remember to always stand your ground.

Let’s get into some of things college freshmen should not do.

Spend money you don’t have

Credit cards are going to be a big thing when you first enter college. Many of your peers will be getting them and telling you to get them as well. Racking up debt and living as if there is endless money will be their motto.

It’s okay to want to build your credit, everyone should get a credit card. Just be mindful of the circumstances, talk to a parent about it or a financial expert before you make the decision. Your 18-year old, fresh out of high school friend cannot provide you with quality information regarding one.

Don’t go crazy shopping every weekend on clothes or unnecessary activities. I suggest if you are used to a certain lifestyle and want to want to maintain it just get a campus job.

Skip class

Not going to class is one the dumbest decisions you can make. One reason being you are wasting your money or grant money that was given to you. Why come to college if you aren’t going to attend the classes you signed up for?

Go to class and don’t be late. Be active and engaged in the content, make it known you want to be there and deserve to be there.

Partying every single night

No way you should party every single weekday and weekend. It’s just unrealistic and shows a lack of responsibility. Partying every single day can easily lead to a decline in your main goal which should be getting that degree.

Don’t get me wrong partying is a part of college culture but it doesn’t have to be a continuous thing. Gaining self control is something that has be implemented.

P.S. don’t leave your friends at parties as well. If you come together leave together.

Underage binge drinking

There is no doubt that once during your freshmen year you will drink some type of alcohol. Rather that’s one measly shot or a cup of jungle juice. You are going to intake some unless you are a strong believer in waiting until you are of age.

The issue is binge drinking and the abuse of alcohol. You don’t have to get sloppy drunk after class every evening. That’s a problem and you’re on a down spiral hun.

Be mindful of your alcohol intake and develop a conscious theory on how much you can take. Know your limit.

Fail a class and never talk to professor

High school teachers typically make it seem that college professors won’t care or be helpful. Which is not true, to me that care a lot more than you actually know. It just all comes down to developing those relationships and showing you truly want to make it.

Sometimes classes can be hard and you may not understand the concepts. Definitely reach out before you just write off that bad grade. Go to office hours and express your concerns. They are willing to listen if you show that you’re interested in your work.

Avoid campus activites

College football games, tailgates, basketball games, any event that is free and doesn’t require you to spend money. Should have you front row centered.

Avoiding campus activities is a weird thing to do because once again why are you spending all this money just to sit in your dorm and sometimes go to class. It just doesn’t make sense. Get involved and participate because you may never get these experiences ever again.

Forget to check up on your health

That is a major thing because sometimes so much can be happening at once and then boom anxiety, stress and depression hit you like a wrecking ball. Stay on top of things like that and reminder that some campuses do offer counseling and therapy sessions.

At MSU, some of it is free but then sessions begin to cost. Just take your time and remember that it’s okay to not be okay. It’s just not okay to not be okay and not do nothing about it.

Plus if you’re sick with the flu or a cold, please go get checked out.

Avoid saying , “no”

If you gut is telling you a vibe, person, situation or anything feels strange. Believe it and disassociate yourself from it, immediately. So many times, I found myself feeling uneasy about things and have been right in the end.

So many times I have felt I couldn’t say no, but should have about situations. It’s okay to say no, do it to protect you. Don’t be completely selfish but make sure you are protecting your peace and wellbeing as well.

Forget where home is

I know that for some that home is not a pleasant place and that’s totally okay. This doesn’t apply to you because you are protecting your wellbeing.

For others, don’t avoid your mom or dad if they want to see you. Go see them, love them and remember home matters as well. They miss you as just as you miss them.

Overall have a great time but just remember college is not forever it’s a temporary situation.

College is a part of your life that comes and goes. Enjoy it while it lasts but really just be mindful about what you do.

The next story up will be about dorm list shopping tips and things you definitely will need!

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