“You don’t need that” – Dorm Shopping Advice

College dorm shopping is one of the best things to do while preparing for campus. Here are some tips on what to buy.

I have to admit, I over-shopped for my college dorm rooms. I brought these they were not useful and took up way too much space. In that same sense, I forgot things that I needed definitely.

Let’s get into a list of things, you need for your college dorm room.

Bed Supplies

Comforter setPillows
SheetsMattress topper
Mattress Protector Blanket

Bathroom Supplies

Cleaning suppliesSoap, bodywash
Wash clothsTowels
Decorations (Foot mat)Disinfectant spray
Toilet brushesHand soap
WipesShower shoes
Shower caddyMedicines
Shampoo, conditionerPaper towel, toilet tissue
Tooth pasteTooth brush
Hair supplies (Combs, brushes, bonnet)Floss
Mouth washDeodorant

Kitchen Supplies

Mini fridgeMicrowave
Cups, platesForks, spoons
NapkinsDish soap
SnacksMicrowavable foods

Miscellaneous Supplies

Masks, glovesHand sanitizer
Rugs (If no carpet)Blender
Coffee MakerAir Fryer (Check campus guidelines)
Laundry binLaundry detergent
LampsMini Decor Table
Desk (If not available with dorm)Broom and dust pan
Lounge ChairFuton
StorageCandles (If permitted)
CalendarDry erase board
Cork boardHangers
Printer (If not available for free printing)Fire TV Stick, Roku

Things you will forget

BatteriesCommand strips
Winter gloves, hat, scarf (Cold climate)Winter coat (Cold climate)
Extension cords (Don’t buy cheap)Notebooks
Tool kits Folders, binders
Pens, pencils Storage bins
Lined paperScissors, tape
Trash binsTrash bags

Do NOT Bring These

Toaster Dresser
Big furnitureMattress
Obsessive amount of things (Pens, paper)Collections (Teddy bears, books, Pokemon cards)
Old trophiesLuggages
Prohibited items (Drugs, alcohol, etc)Baking supplies

Inspirational dorm spaces via Pinterest

Places to shop for great deals

Click the images below to be lead to some college dorm room essentials.

Unsure what you can buy from Dollar Tree? Here is a guide on how to shop there.

Additional tips

  1. Don’t shop for everything, wait until you arrive. That way you can see what you need exactly. Without buying unnecessary things.
  2. Communicate with roommate, because you never know what they may buy.
  3. Be mindful of roommate and space. Don’t over crowd with nonsense.
  4. See what campus has free. At my university they provided free toilet paper and trash bags.
  5. Remember this is a temporary living situation.
  6. Gradually bring things you are not back home.
  7. Less decorations more room.

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