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Hit or Miss with CHANNIË: Drake’s Certified Lover Boy gives nostalgic feel

Drake releases his highly anticipated album Certified Lover Boy. The album features Jay Z, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby and more.

Drake released his highly anticipated album Certified Lover Boy on Sept. 3. The album features tracks with Jay Z,  Future, Lil Baby, Young Thug, Kid Cudi, Yebba, Tem and more. 

The sound can be seen as a mixture of Drake albums all placed into one. 

Top 5 songs for Chan 

  1. Papi’s Home 
  2. Fair Trade featuring Travis Scott
  3. No Friends In The Industry 
  4. Knife Talk featuring 21 Savage and Project Pat
  5. 7am on Bridle Path 

These songs are not listed in no particular order. 

“Papi’s Home” is the second song on CLB, Drake openly says “don’t worry, daddy’s home”. Pokes fun at his clout chasers. He lets everyone know he is back to make his hits again. It’s a lot of catchy word play in this track. 

Listen to the lyrics and also catch Nicki Minaj on the track just talking. (The album needed a Nicki feature but her voice track works too) 

“Fair Trade” features Travis Scott, it’s one of those chill songs. The  beat does transitions once Travis hops on. 

It reminds me of music off Scott’s “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight”. Sounds like something similar to that. 

“No Friends In The Industry” sounds similar to “Energy” on “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late”. Which ties back into the idea that Drake really focused on making his music sound like previous albums for nostalgia. 

Some of the songs are almost more well produced versions of the previous songs already made. 

He’s big on samples this albums so be don’t be surprised if you hear something that sounds oddly like you heard it before. 

This song in particular is about keeping your day ones close to you. Especially in places like the industry, Drake is just acknowledging the people he works work are not friends. Despite him having some of the biggest names in the industry on his album. 

“Knife Talk” is not something you would typically see Drake talk about. Of course though, Drake does go a little “bad boy” each album. He gives fan the allusion of his hood, rough side but deep down fans know he’s like a teddy bear. This track features 21 Savage and Project Pat. 

21 Savage and Drake give us a catchy chorus with 

“Gang s****, that’s all I’m on (Yeah) Gang s****, that’s all I’m on…”

“7am on Bridle Path”, this track only features Drake and he’s just splitting. Tracks like these always make sure to show the artist pen game. Drake is just flowing on the beat effortlessly while still demanding respect. 

Songs that most likely will be played on the radio

“Girls wants Girls”, features Lil Baby. Drake seamlessly calls himself a lesbian on the track. Raises some concerns and memes from Twitter fans. 

Lil Baby is one of the fastest growing rap artists right now along with others so this track will get plays just off that. 

Plus Drake’s comments in the track raises attention. The track also has already been done by PnB Rock and Lil Skies with their song, “I Like Girls”.

“Way 2 Sexy” features the two perfect people. Future and Young Thug. Future is king toxic masculinity so he’s perfect for the track. Seems like he enjoyed rapping “Too sexy for this, for that” as well. Young Thug is another rapper who seems to think very highly of themselves. The song is a “sexy anthem”.

Simp Drake is back again

Is it really an Aubrey album if we don’t get him whining on a track.. or two. Don’t get me wrong, I love Drake but sometimes he does overdo it for the simps out there.

“TSU” is an anthem for Drake and his stripper liking. Cliché story of a girl with no parental guidance who is a stripper trying to start a business to turn legit. We know Drake likes those type of women so now he’s just giving them more love.

“Pipe Down” follows a similar hook but this time Drake seems to be a little upset because his woman is not really paying him a lot of mind.

“And when you see Chanel , I wish that’s how you saw me”

That line was funny and I definitely think it coincides with the idea of a “city girl”. One who doesn’t really care about men but like the material things they can offer. #nobrokemen

“Race My Mind” is another one of those lovey dovey, simp songs you would of expected to hear on “Take Care”.

Toxic masculinity to the max

Drake tagged Future again for “N 2 Deep”, where both men brag about the way they treat women. Future makes sure to let everyone know once again that he buys all his women, Audemars Piguet watches aka “APs”,

This album features a lot of beat transitions during the bridge of songs. The difference in beats works but also gets typical through out. You begin to expect it.

Aubrey literally has a song called, “F**** Fans”, it’s a story about how he lost the woman he loved so much by going out and being a thot. Many people on Twitter are making speculations on who this woman could be because Aubs sings with such passion. Even makes it clear that he did not plan to go out and have a baby and hated that this woman had to find out. #whoisshe

Drake lets his featured artists take over the song in a good way

One thing about Drake is when he has a new artist or less known artist on his tracks. He typically lets them do their own thing. It’s like it’s their time to shine. He also does that with classic rap artists like Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross.

Twenty-six year old Yebba, from Arkansas who is an award winning artist is featured on the album with “Yebba’s Heartbreak”

Tem, a Nigerian singer who recently was featured on Wizkid’s “Essence” brings the afrobeat. The artist is featured on track number 16, “Fountains”.

Jay Z is featured on “Love All”.

Rick Ross and Lil Wayne go for another hit with, “You Only Live Twice” which backtracks Drake’s “YOLO” statement.

The album makes you feel nostalgic

Drake definitely gathered all of this favorite artists for the album. CLB is definitely a collection of all his sounds put into one piece.

This album is a 8/10, which makes it a hit!

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