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Campus Fashion Guide

With classes back in session, here are some tips on how to dress to class.

Being back on campus since the pandemic feels almost unreal. That doesn’t mean you have to be dressed as if you are still in Zoom classes though. 

I created eight looks that are geared toward different majors. But also just great for inspiration about what to wear to class. 

Some of the outfits are sassy, fancy and oh so over the top. That’s the point though, why go to go to class and be boring? 

My ideology is when you are dressed to impress, it just makes you feel better. 

Having a bad day but you have on a cute outfit? Instant mood booster. 

Not saying you have to wear a well put together outfit everyday. Just choose one day out of the week and wear something that is over the top. 

Outfit Inspirations

Closet Essentials

These images do not belong to me, they are from H&M

I feel that college kids also typically forget to have robes and pajamas. Here are some options from H&M.

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