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“Have you heard of?”- Kali

Kali is an upcoming independent artist who makes music for the bossy chicks.

If you haven’t heard of Kali by now, you are living under a rock.

Kaliya Ashley Ross started rapping when she was just 12-years old growing up in Roswell, GA. Being expressive started when Ross was only in the fifth grade. Then she was just writing in her journal.

The artist gained major attention when her sassy but also boss type single “Do A B****” went viral on TikTok. Many made videos of them rapping or reacting to the song.

One thing for sure, Ross did not stop her bag this summer when she released “MMM, MMM”. One of the most anticipated tracks from her.

It’s the sultry voice that just flows right on a track.

In January 2021, Kali released a mixtape called “This Why They Mad Now” that featured “Do A B****”. Rico Nasty, Saucy Santana and Enchanting all hopped on different remixes for the single as well.

Kali told XXL Mag that “Big Body” is one of her most slept on sounds despite it being one that she free-styled on. That track is featured on the mixtape.

The artist is also Panamanian through her mom’s side.

Currently Kali is an independent artist. She also was recently featured on a track called “Track & Field with Enchanting. Another female rap artist.

Click the image to check out this playlist that includes some of her songs.

These images do not belong to me. They are off Kali’s Instagram page.

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