“Have you heard of?”- Taliwhoah

Up next is R&B singer Taliwhoah.

Talitha or better known as Taliwhoah. Carries a Afro- Caribbean beat over a r&b round of lyrics.

Their family are multi cultured with a British born, Nigerian-Lebanese mom and Jamaican dad.

With a performing mom and aunt from a young age, Taliwhoah got an experience of a lifetime. They were able to study the art of music.

She came to the U.S. as a 13-year-old and settled in Seattle, WA. College was going fine in Los Angles until a terrible room mate situation. Which left the artist homeless eventually leading to them sleeping at Union Station.

There she developed the drive to sing because they didn’t have any other ways to enjoy music.


Eventually the artist goes on to sign to a label after a friend allowed them to sleep in a studio if she continued making music. The artist signed to Rostrum Records in 2017. With that deal came with an Ep called “New Wave Order, Vol 1”.

Source: Taliwhoah.com

Click on the image to listen to a playlist with some of their music.

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