‘Cowboy Carter’ is Black girl power: Album review

Cowboy Carter teaches creatives to practice their art and master it.

Beyoncé gives country music her special touch.

It expresses to Black women to never shy away from worlds they may not feel seen, needed or accepted.

Why Cowboy Carter is a masterpiece

Beyoncé mixes country, RnB, trap and even a bit of pop to create this sound that is uniquely hers which ultimately makes Cowboy Carter a masterpiece. It’s also completely different than what we heard from Renaissance which was a “disco trap” dance album.

The album features remakes from classic hits like “Jolene” by Dolly Parton and “Blackbird” by The Beatles. That gives that Yoncé soul and flair.

She gives us “hair flying in the wind” songs like “BODYGUARD” and then deeper cuts with “DAUGHTER”.

Black women always create stellar art

No matter the tribulations and challenges thrown at Black women, when we create – we create for longevity.

Our art is calculated, researched and produced with our tears, sweat and drive. This album is a product of that and also a nod at Black women creatives to feel okay to step outside their norm, do their research and know their talents don’t have to stay in one genre.

Black country music artists

Cowboy Carter, introduced us to Black country music artists like Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, Linda Martell, Shaboozey, Tiera Kennedy, Reyna Reynolds, and Willie Jones.

Top 10 Songs

  • “16 CARRIAGES”
  • “TYRANT”
  • “YAYA”
  • “MY ROSE”

There are many other good songs on the album but these are my favorites.


Beyoncé recently released “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM (PONY UP)” which is a sped-up bounce version of the original TEXAS HOLD ‘EM single.

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