How to have a successful holiday!

How to have an successful Christmas, this year with friends and family.

The holidays can be a hard time for sooo many. This year it doesn’t have to be. I am not an expert, this is all based off experience!

Here is my guide on having a successful holiday:

Have good intentions

Make sure you have intentions to have a good day or night. Meaning if you are spending time in a home with a lot of people for a couple days make sure to set the intention. One that is positive and promotes peace.

Don’t stress out

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money this Christmas. Don’t. Literally take a break and just buy gifts for people who will buy you a gift.

Don’t spend what you don’t have.

Leave your ex alone

  • If they text you, ignore it.
  • If they follow you, ignore it.
  • If they call you, ignore it.
  • If they dm you, ignore it.
  • If they like a picture, ignore it.

You get the picture don’t fall into the “I miss you because it’s the holidays” trap.

Have self control

Know when to say, “Hey! Let’s, go home!” Y’all ready?” Rather than, “One more song.”

It goes downhill from there. It’s crazy. (We’re talking about the bar.. or parties)

Go home when you feel it in your gut.

Don’t eat too many desserts

Remember that the new year is approaching and each year we attempt a new work out plan. Get an earlier start and say no to the sweet potato pie.

Dress to impress

Be over dress to every event you go too for a little BANG to end the year.

Why not, it’s the end of the year and it’s all about celebrating how you made it.

Don’t party if you’re not in the mood

Don’t force yourself to party. It won’t make you feel good you actually will be annoyed.

Remember this only lasts for a couple days

Maybe a month or two actually. Then you will never see these people again. Until … ya know the holidays.. come back around.

I hope this guide helps and gives you a clearer vision on how the holidays should go!

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