Tips on how to celebrate your birthday week.

6 ways to have a fun birthday week in your 20s

Celebrate your birthday week with a week long of events.

With my birthday knocking at the front door, I wanted to create a guide on how to have a fun birthday week.

Birthdays are special days to celebrate yourself by doing something you love.

Here is a guide on how to celebrate your birthday week:

1. Do something you love

Since it’s your birthday week, take the time to celebrate yourself by doing something you enjoy, rather it’s going for a walk, out to eat, or to the movies give yourself something to do every single day leading up to your birthday.

Places or things to do to celebrate you

  • Go to the movies
  • Get some ice cream
  • Have a bbq
  • Make a charcuterie board
  • Go shopping
  • Visit a museum
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to the beach

Some of these activities are good if you are budgeting!

2. Treat yourself every day

This could mean a lot of different things, but I typically would eat my favorite foods or desserts leading up to my birthday. This allows me to prepare for the special day and also enjoy the things I like.

3. Dress up every single day

Wear a special outfit each day to show off your personal style. Create a lookbook of birthday outfits and create an album so you could reflect on it for memories.

Dressing up doesn’t mean wearing something fancy every day just wear some nice outfits that make you feel good.

4. Buy yourself small trinkets

You don’t have to buy yourself something every single day but you can! I typically would buy myself a new notebook, pair of shoes or a slushie from my favorite gas station or ice cream shop. It’s the small things that matter to make your birthday week special.

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5. Eat your fave dishes

Food from Ale Mary Beer Hall in Royal Oak
Food from Ale Mary Beer Hall in Royal Oak.

Make sure to cook or buy your fave dishes during your birthday week to fulfill that tummy of yours. It’s nothing like making sure you eat and feel good at the same time, especially during your birthday week.

Good restaurants to try in metro Detroit

  1. Pequeño Cantina at 19329 Livernois Ave., Detroit
  2. Ale Mary’s Beer Hall at 316 S Main St., Royal Oak
  3. Detroit Shipping Company at 474 Peterboro St., Detroit

6. Reflect on your previous year

If you’re into journaling or doing voice memos, make sure to reflect on how the previous age made you feel and what you want the next age to bring you.

I typically do a goal list reflecting the age, I am turning. For example, this year I am turning 23 so I would create 23 goals for me to complete at 23.

Last but not least just remember to celebrate you!

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