What I would’ve told my younger self: It’s okay to dead the friendship

Fake friendships die over time, real ones stick it out.

Friendships as you get older either grow stronger or they start to fade.

My friendship group from high school to post-college has decreased.

That tells you one thing… a lot of my friendships faded.

Now at 23, I have realized it is okay.

Understanding your growth

Who I was at 16, is not the person I am today at 23. I have grown up in so many ways and my mindset has changed. I no longer let people run over me, I speak up for myself. Some things I tolerated back then don’t fly today.

I could say some of the same for my old friends as well, we were just in a different mindset.

No matter how we tried to make the friendship work it was just expired and that’s okay.

Why is letting go okay?

Letting go is okay because sometimes you just grow apart from people, experiences happen that change people, and people create new boundaries, understandings and expectations.

Plus I found myself always arguing or trying to get them to see my side and it got to a part that maybe this isn’t worth it anymore…

It sucks to lose friends especially ones who you’ve known for years, but sometimes to continue your growth you have to leave some behind.

That doesn’t mean you have to talk badly about them or have even beef. It just means you no longer have to have them in your life.

What happens next

In my case, I have begun to get closer to the friends that I still have and work on those relationships.

Another thing to consider is instead of going and getting a bunch of new friends, tighten the bonds you have with the friends you have already.

I also have learned that no friendship is perfect and real friendships go through hard conversations, and realizations but if it’s meant they will stick.

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