How to plan your next girls’ night out during the winter in 2024

It’s time for another girls night out and here is all you need to plan for it.

At least once a month while you’re young, you should go out with the girls.

Girls’ night out is a great time to let your hair down, get cute and have some fun with your home girls.

However , during the winter it can be hard to go out and really enjoy yourself because of the weather. If you plan correctly it doesn’t have to be hard though.

Here is a guide on how to plan your next girls out during the winter :

Find a day and time

Get together with your friends and decide a day and time that works for everyone.

I typically like Friday or Saturday nights out in local downtown areas .

Make sure you save the day and time as well in your planner so it doesn’t overlap with your other duties.

Pamper yourself

Before you head out, make sure your hair is done, nails look cute and if you wear make up your face is beat.

Pampering yourself before you go out is a great way to not only look good but also feel good while you party.

Going out is the perfect excuse to get cute and wear your best looks.

Set intentions as to why your going out

Are you going out to just have a good time with your friends? Or are you going out because you’re trying to find your next man?

The reason it’s a good idea to set intentions when you go out is so you don’t spend the entire time upset or angry because the way you want it to go is not going that way.

Sometimes when you’re going out just to find a man, or someone it can tamper the night out because if you don’t find that person, most likely you’re going to be upset.

I am not saying it’s wrong to only go out and look for a partner but just be aware that there is a chance you may not find one and it may be best to not solely focus on that.

It’s okay to actually go out and not seek the male gaze.

Find something cute to wear

Alright, find your best fit and toss it on. Make sure though, since it’s the winter to keep it cute but also warm as well.

During the winter, my friends and I are always battling if we’re going to wear coats or not because wearing giant winter coats in the bar is not fun.

Sometimes what we do instead is not wear the coat and freeze our butts off or we take smaller short jackets that match our outfits and just wear them.

Pick a trendy place

Check out different TikTok pages that highlight your city trendiest places and try them.

Girls’ night out is supposed to be about getting cute with your girlies and going to the hottest places.

You can also check out places on Instagram or Facebook.

Some cool places to check out in Downtown Detroit :

Night Clubs

  • Deluxx Fluxx: 1274 Library St.
  • Annex Nightclub: 24 W. Adams Avenue B.
  • Society Detroit: 1995 Woodbridge St.


  • The Brakeman: 22 John R St.
  • The Skip Bar: 1234 The Belt
  • Queens Bar Detroit: 35 E. Grand River Avenue


  • JoJo’s Shake Bar: 88 W. Columbia St.
  • Pizza Cat: 407 E. Fort St.
  • Loco’s Tex-Mex Grille: 454 E. Lafayette St.

Remember to actually have a good time

Tying back into the topic of setting good intentions as to why you came out , the biggest key is to remind yourself to actually have a good time.

Not everytime I go out is a picture perfect time but my friends and I try our best to have a good time most occasions.

We may jam a little bit in the car before we head into the bar and listen to some tunes. Or we may go somewhere else if we don’t like the bar we’re currently at!

Don’t let others deter your fun

Being mindful of the people you bring with you is one of the first steps in having a good girls’ night out.

Avoid bringing people who are party poopers or don’t like to have a good time that’s not similar to yours.

Meaning if you want to go to the bar but your friend doesn’t want to , don’t force them. Either find the friend who does or find common ground with the other friend on something you both want to do.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to pre-game! Bar drinks are expensive!

Always remember to NOT drink and drive, make sure to either ride share or have a designated driver who is sober!

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