5 tips on how to plan a self-care Friday in 2024

Fridays are a great day to do a little self-care.

Fridays are the best days to do something self-care after a long week of work.

It’s the end of the work week and a chance to relax, get some yummy food and just chill. Fridays are one of my favorite days because I always get a yummy meal, go somewhere or just stay home and catch up on some Netflix.

Here are five tips on how to plan a self-care Friday:

Plan something to do

If you’re in the mood for some vibes after work on Friday, plan a movie trip.

Find a movie that’s playing at your local cinema and go see it after work. If you’re even more amped, find a bar to visit for happy hour or such.

You don’t have to do anything and could go home and relax but planning something for Friday evening can be fun and have you looking forward to something when you get off!

Buy yourself a treat

If you don’t want to wait until Friday evening, start your self-care Friday by stopping at your local coffee shop or breakfast spot.

Buy yourself a cream cheese and bagel or a latte. Something to pick you up and celebrate that it’s Friday!

Buy or make a yummy meal

There’s a special feeling in getting good food on Fridays.

From pizza to tacos to chicken, there are a million options.

If you’re not feeling takeout, don’t hesitate to make a home-cooked meal. This week I made chicken pesto pasta and it was yummy and simple to make! There are a variety of recipes online and the meal only takes a few ingredients.

Catch up on a series or movie

Use Friday night as the perfect time to watch a movie or show you want.

Grab some popcorn, a throw blanket and some snacks then turn on Netflix.

Currently watching on Netflix: Fool Me Once


Take off those work clothes, put on something comfy and kick your feet up.

It’s time to relax after that long week of work.

You may have bought yourself a yummy meal, and dessert now it’s time to indulge and just relax.

Relaxing Friday evening is a good way to chill and get ready for whatever the weekend holds.

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