5 turtleneck outfits for casual fashion styles in 2024

Style turtlenecks with mini skirts, as under shirts, sweaters and jeans.

Turtlenecks are always in.

Despite what other fashion blogs and magazines say, turtlenecks are always a great piece to add to an outfit. I love pairing turtlenecks with mini skirts, jackets, mini dresses and graphic tees.

Here are five turtleneck outfits for casual fashion styles in 2024:

Look 1: Turtleneck under graphic tee

Dramatic baby tee from H&M paired with a white turtleneck and groovy black and white pants with a furry white bucket hat.

Graphic tees and turtlenecks are the perfect combination for a cohesive look. Typically, buy thin turtlenecks that don’t appear bulky under the graphic tee.

The graphic tee can be an oversized, a baby tee, or regular-sized.

Look 2: Turtleneck bodysuit paired with jeans

Turtleneck bodysuits are perfect because they can be paired with just any bottom. I like to pair them with jeans, trousers, and mini skirts for a more sleek look.

H&M has a good variety of turtleneck bodysuits that come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Look 3: Cropped sweater turtlenecks

If you want a more bulky look, wear a sweater turtleneck style. Cropped sweater turtlenecks are great to pair with mini skirts, to create that big bottom, small top look.

Chunky turtleneck sweaters are another winter staple to add to your wardrobe.

Look 4: Turtleneck under a mini dress

Dark denim blue dress paired with a zebra print turtleneck.

Mini dresses and turtlenecks are the perfect combination for a retro look. If you watched sitcoms like Moesha or The Nanny, you would see looks paired like the one above. Denim played a huge part in this look but the zebra print turtleneck added flair.

Look 5: Layering a turtleneck with a blue jean jacket

White turtleneck paired with a denim thrift jacket with a fur collar.

For our final look, let’s get into layering. By now, you should know that turtlenecks are a great layering piece.

Layering turtlenecks with denim jackets is a way to not only let the jacket do the talking but it adds something to the neckline.

What to pair turtlenecks with

  • Trousers
  • Jeans
  • Mini skirts
  • Mini dresses
  • Crew necks
  • Sweaters
  • Overcoats

Where to buy turtlenecks in 2024

  • H&M
  • Forever 21
  • Value World Thrift Store
  • Express
  • Amazon

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