How to style your winter fashion looks in 2024

Winter fashion is all about staying warm while also being stylish.

Winter fashion can be a bit complicated.

Style in the winter is complicated when it comes to looking stylish and also keeping warm if you live in a cold state like Michigan.

The Michiganders understand the complexity of wanting to dress cute in 40-below temperatures but also trying not to freeze to death.

Here is a guide on how to style your winter fashion in 2024:

Jeans are your best friends

Vintages light washed mom jeans thrifted from Value World.

I typically bring my jeans out towards the end of fall and carry them throughout winter.

Jeans are a great winter accessory because not only can you put something underneath them for extra warmth you can also find a variety of different styles and washes.

I typically like a light wash, vintage mom jeans and I often thrift them from a local thrift store in Michigan called Value World.

Jeans can look good with just about anything but I like them with cropped jeans, blouses, and turtlenecks.

Long sleeve tops are key

Thrifted retro style blouse from Value World.

If you’re not a turtleneck fan then just a long sleeve crewneck top shall do for winter looks.

One thing I do like to do with these tops is typically layer them with vests, short-sleeved shirts, and overcoats.

Sweaters or nothing

White furry sweater from H&M.

During the winter it’s always a perfect time to bring out your favorite sweaters.

I like crewneck sweaters with argyle print paired with mini skirts or trousers.

I also like to thrift my sweaters or get them from H&M.

Sweaters can be worn however you want, you can tuck them on, wear oversized versions or pair them as a layer under vests.

They keep you warm and stylish during the winter months.

Tights are a go-to

Red fishnet tights from Walmart.

Tights are my new best friend this winter. They keep me warm and allow me to continue wearing my mini skirts or dresses without freezing.

I typically wear different colored tights like reds, greens, blacks, or even pinks. You can get jazzy with tights and wear fishnets, lash or bedazzled knits.

Stylish boots are always in

Black ankle boots from H&M.

I love wearing boots in the winter, especially knee boots.

Boots come in different heights as well, you can wear ankle, thigh-high, or platform boots it just depends on your style.

This year I also decided to spice it up a bit and add more bold colors like pinks and green boots to my wardrobe.

Where to buy stylish boots:

  • Public Desire
  • Thrift shops
  • Depop
  • H&M
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Akira
  • Nordstrom
  • Dr. Martens
  • Ugg

Overcoats matter

Typically overcoats are coats you wear over your outfit but they’re not always your end jacket. They’re like the jacket in between that can be oversized, fitted or even cropped.

I like to use thrifted blazers and shackets as my overcoats or even sometimes as dresses to create a simple look.

Oversized overcoats that button down can easily be worn as a dress if they cover the behind. You can wear a basic t turtleneck or crewneck underneath paired with a mini skirt that’s not longer than the overcoat paired with knee boots to give off a chic look. If you want to crazier throw on a belt on top of the overcoat to cinch in the waist for proportion.

Accessorizing is key

Winter fashion look inspiration by Chandra Alilijah.

Winter is the perfect time to bring out those earmuffs you’ve been harvesting for the past couple months.

I love wearing berets during the winter that’s typically my winter staple because they keep my head warm.

Layer till you can’t no more

Denim midi skirt from Value World paired with a denim jacket, turtleneck and graphic tee.

Bucket hats, earmuffs, scarves beanies, berets and gloves are just a few winter accessories you can add to your looks in 2024.

I am not a super maximalist when it comes to layering but I do like to layer in the winter with looks.

Typically, I keep my layering simple with a basic turtleneck underneath and a statement piece on top whether that’s a blouse, vest or graphic tee. I add an overcoat for a finishing touch and possibly may pair the look with a bottom that can have tights and socks added but other than that I do not go full crazy while layering.

Layering looks and works differently for everyone, some people add two or three shirts together and create a look or they put skirts over pants and dresses and strike a pose.

It’s really up to you and how far you want to push it without looking like you’re wearing a bunch of crap.

Check out my developing personal style guide for more information on layering and tips.

Color block if you can

Don’t be afraid to bring out the bold colors like the dark blues, hot pinks, lime greens and reds this winter to pair with the more neutral tones.

Color blocking is the technique of adding different colors together in a block for looks. However, there are other ways to color block as well by adding just one pop of color, using different patterns and textures as well to create a cohesive look.

Color schemes to play around with this winter:

  • Chocolate brown and orange
  • Black and hot pink
  • Lavender and apple red
  • Orange and forest green
  • Blue and white

Don’t forget the statement pieces

Graphic tee from H&M.

Statement pieces are the items in an outfit that pops.

It can be your shoes, hair, handbag, belt, hat or even your shirt. It’s the item you want to speak for itself.

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