Six tips on how to develop your personal style in 2024

Developing a personal style doesn’t have to be hard it just takes time and dedication.

Having a personal style sets you apart and allows you to be yourself.

It’s not easy creating your own style but it’s also not impossible.

Here are six tips on how to develop your personal style in 2024:

Get rid of your old clothing

Getting rid of your old clothing allows you to start fresh and experiment with new looks.

Check out my recent guide on how to get rid of your old clothing in 2024.

Create mood boards

I typically create fashion mood boards using Pinterest. I pin different looks and categorize them into different sections so I can have some inspiration.

Creating mood boards helps with inspiration from different perspectives and ideas.

You don’t have to follow every single look on the moodboard but it does help with coming up with ideas and potential looks.

Apps you can use to create mood boards:

  • Pinterest
  • Threads
  • Instagram
  • Canva
  • Picsart
  • Shuffles
  • TikTok

Get experimental

It’s time to stop being so basic and start getting wild with your fashion. If you want to develop your style you have to get experimental with your looks.

How to get experimental:

  • Start wearing colors
  • Wear tight-fitted or more baggy clothes
  • Change up your hair color
  • Wear more accessories
  • Start layering clothing pieces
  • The main key to getting experimental is trying everything you haven’t before.

Find new places to shop

Stop shopping at the stores you always shop for clothes, add a few new places.

Shopping at new places will give you a chance to find new styles and clothes you may have never thought of.

How to find new places to shop:

  • Look on Instagram
  • Go to your downtown area and try a new boutique
  • Do a Google search
  • Check out places people are shopping at TikTok
  • Ask friends, coworkers and family where they shop
  • Check out local news articles for new clothing shops
  • It’s not hard to find a new clothing store, it just starts with a search.

Try thrift shopping

Thrift shopping is one of the best places to start your personal style journey.

They typically offer a variety of different styles and at a reasonable price.

A quick Google search will help you find local thrift stores in your area. Plus read the reviews before you head there so it’s not a bust.

Don’t be afraid of what others think

Remind yourself that you are doing this for you. It doesn’t matter if your mom, best friend or partner understands your new sense of style.

The only thing that matters is that you are doing it for you.

If you want to develop your personal style, you have to be comfortable and confident within yourself to pull it off.

If you are doing it for the judgement of others then it’s just not going to work because it’s not going to seem authentic.

Own your new personal style and keep your head high.

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