6 tips on how to girl boss in 2024

Becoming a girl boss is about stepping into your power as a woman and owning your talents.

Stay on your game, ignore the negativity, and get things done.

Girl bossing is about taking charge, doing your best work, and showing up unapologetically.

Here are six tips on how to girl boss in 2024:

Drop the self-pity

Stop the self-pity party.

You cannot be a girl boss if all you do is think the world owes you something, someone is after you or your life sucks because Jason didn’t call you back yesterday.

Confidence is important for a girl boss journey. You have to learn that sometimes it’s okay that things happen because that’s just life. The key is not drowning in it. Teach yourself to move on and boss up.

You cannot be a girl boss who doesn’t care about their appearance.

Set a tone for being a girl boss by dressing like one. Also, find your style, wear skirts and dresses, if you prefer to wear jeans, and a nice blouse wear that, but own it.

If you are interested in more about personal style, read my guide.

Have goals

Goals will keep you pushing and keep your head on straight as a girl boss.

They help keep you focused and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Goals can be waking up every day at a certain time for a week, getting a promotion at work, achieving good grades in school, or starting a small business.

Every girl boss’s goals look different, but the true girl boss gets them done.

Create hobbies for yourself

I enjoy making charcuterie boards for parties and evening activities.

Every girl boss has to have hobbies because they make you a girl boss.

Activities can help captivate your mind and make you happy.

Check out my guide on hobbies you might want to try in 2024.

Keep your peace

Stop letting others upset you, and letting things you can’t control affect you.

You have to keep your peace for your safety and mental.

This part of girl bossing is about staying positive and not allowing the world to dictate how you feel.

When things seem to be getting out of hand before you react, sit in silence.

  • Think if it’s worth addressing, “Will my comment make a difference?
  • Do I have to say this right now?
  • Does this deserve my reaction?

Know your boundaries

This may be the last tip, but the most important one.

Knowing your boundaries means knowing what you’re going to stand for, take, and what you deserve.

If you no longer want to deal with people mistreating you, then it’s time to set boundaries.

How do you set boundaries?

You can start setting boundaries by listing what you want to tolerate and what you are not.


  • You don’t allow people to communicate with you in any negative way.
  • If you’re not in the mood for social interactions, you will no longer force yourself to attend those events or have those conversations.
  • You no longer will explain your decisions because they are yours.
  • You communicate things effectively and not for the approval of others.

These are just a few boundaries you can set because it starts with you. You have to sit back, reflect on things you do not like, and make changes for you.

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