6 reasons you need a digital camera in 2024

Digital cameras are the best way to spice up your selfies and outfit pictures this year.

Just like film cameras, the digital camera is making its way back into trend.

Digital cameras are one of the hottest gadgets coming back into the public eye by many influencers and Gen Z. The right digital camera can create that early 2000 aesthetically pleasing effect.

Here is a guide on why you need a digital camera in 2024:

Creates unique photos

Digital cameras from about 10 years back have a unique look that often gives that “Y2K” vibe.

I am no camera expert, but the quality of the image has a retro touch to me.

Helps expand creativity

You can use the digital camera if you want to take your photos to an extra notch.

Instead of using your phone for foodie pictures, try the digital camera instead.

Take photos using both your phone and digital camera and create collages, add stickers or text.

Very nostalgic

A selfie using my Canon Powershot.

If you’re going to be a content creator, you should have multiple types of cameras. One film, one digital, and whatever else you want.

These cameras are for nostalgia by creating that early 2000 glare, which will take you back and almost make you believe you’re living in that era.

Inexpensive to find

I haven’t paid over $30 for one of my digital cameras yet. My first one was on sale at my local thrift store for around $10.

Handy to carry

My digital camera slips into my bag and isn’t annoying to carry.

Compared to a DSLR, digital cameras are smaller and more portable.

Better quality than cellphone photos

Foodie pic taking with my Kodak EasyShare.

While cellphone photos have grown a following over the years, digital camera pictures give a better finish touch.

In my opinion, the photos seem more clear and developed.

Bonus: It’s easy to use

Most digital cameras from the early 2000s are point-and-shoot. This makes them easy to use because all you have to do is point the camera at an object, auto-focus it and hit the button to capture an image.

The cameras are easy to use, with no prior photography experience.

Hardships of owning a digital camera

When I first got my Canon Powershot, I didn’t realize I needed an older model SD card that was only available online.

When buying retro cameras, they typically don’t take the same chargers, storage, and batteries as modern cameras.

I can’t upload my “low-quality” videos to Instagram. One of my digital cameras takes videos at a slow speed, which doesn’t comply with the specs Instagram requires for video.

Digital cameras I own

  • Canon Powershot A410
  • Kodak EasyShare M550

Where to buy digital cameras

Digital cameras from brands like Nikon and Canon are available on Amazon. You can also find them at thrift stores.

If you thrift shop cameras, check out the camera specifications before you leave to see what type of battery and storage it requires. This will save you in the long run.

Photos with my digital cameras

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