How to become a beginner content creator in 2024

Starting your content creator journey in 2024 doesn’t have to be hard with the right tips.

Being a content creator is a journey, considering there is no right or wrong way to start.

You can be into fashion, lifestyle, healthy living, comedy, and even relatability niches. The freedom is yours.

Here is a guide on how to become a content creator in 2024:

Have a theme or niche

Having a theme means having an idea of what you want to talk about and show.

Some ideas of themes:

  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Comedy
  • Healthy living
  • Foodie
  • ASMR

It helps narrow your content and gives you direction on what to cover.

Create new social media accounts

You do not have to start over, it’s just a suggestion because I felt my old accounts from middle school did not align with what I was doing anymore.

With a new account, create a username that defines your new theme and niche.

It also allows you to build a following and community around others in that niche.

Equipment you need

I started with my phone and a tripod because I make fashion videos.

The biggest key is knowing the equipment you need to create the content.

However, most content creators will need the following items:

  • A device or camera to record videos and take photos
  • A tripod
  • A microphone
  • Extra storage
  • Time

These are the basic things you will need as a beginner content creator.


Before you hit that record video, you need to have some ideas of the type of content you will create.

Develop a strategy that works for you and is not too demanding in the first few weeks.

Do your research

Doing your research is looking at different strategies for growing your account in your niche. Who’s already there, and knowing what sets you apart.

You need to know what social media apps to post on and tackle first.

Ask yourself these questions: Are you starting with TikTok and downloading all your videos to Instagram? Are you starting on Instagram and downloading your videos to TikTok and YouTube Shorts?

There are many ways to share your content, but you have to understand the algorithm within each social media platform.

An algorithm on social media determines what users see, how they see it and how often they see across the app, according to an article by blog Scientific America.

Algorithms also change a lot, and I know that because when I first started my new Instagram in September 2022, some techniques I used with hashtags and trying to get traction no longer worked just a few months later. Learning how the algorithm works takes time and is a factor in content creation that can be hard to grasp because of the changes.

Also, your research should include knowing trending hashtags, keywords, and even audio. With short videos being a popular feature on most social platforms, you need to know and understand what hashtags work and get the most reach. Which trending audios are the best to use and which audios are not?

Not all hashtags work well for every account and not every trending audio will g make you go viral. It’s almost like a lottery, but if you gather a strategy beforehand by researching different accounts on the apps and listening to their tips, you may have a better chance at growing your audience and understanding of the platforms.

Don’t get discouraged

When I first started, I gained around 500 followers each month. In my fifth or sixth month, I was barely gaining any followers. My reach dropped tremendously and I was upset.

In this journey, I learned that you have a blank canvas. Instagram in particular, because I focused first on pushing my content out a lot. I was new, I was niched to fashion, I was following other fashion creators and the algorithm was working in my favor. I had a strategy that was working great. However, I realized that once I started to change things, the algorithm changed, and my results changed.

I also realized that what you do when you start over with your account can matter. I started with posting photos and not a lot of Reels, then I just randomly started posting a lot of Reels and I felt my page and viewers were not used to that. To this day, I am still trying to find a balance with that.

I said all this because you could be on your way to thousands of followers and then it could just stop. It doesn’t mean your content sucks, it just means you may have to pivot.

Try something new, find a new strategy, and keep going.

Build a community

In this content creator journey, you need a community of people who will support, help, and be there for you.

I have grown with a few of my earliest followers because we have developed a connection so that if anything seems off if we need advice, we hit each other up with questions.

Besides growing a community with your followers, you need to find a few people on the app in your niche who you can call or text if you have questions.

On the flip side, you need to build a community on your social media page. It would help if you had genuine followers and friends because they are the ones who will like your posts, promote you, celebrate you and ultimately help you with reach.

Know your goals

Are you becoming a content creator because you want to make thousands of dollars, and create a brand or are you just bored?

Know your intentions and why because that factors into the type of content you create.

Plus, having goals is a way to stay on track and keep you looking forward.

Do not let social media ruin you

As a beginner content creator, things will start to happen fast. You will either grow super fast or at a steady rate.

My biggest tip is to write down 5 to 10 rules you set for yourself on what you will do on social media and things you will not. This can help you stay focused and grounded on the boundaries you have set for yourself.

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