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Hit or Miss with CHANNIË: Saweetie’s Pretty Summer Playlist: S1 is needed for this summer

Saweetie releases her first summer playlist that features a mixture of different artists. It includes some summer bangers that you want to have fun.

With Saweetie you either enjoy her music or chose not to listen. In this piece, it’s very expressive on having a good time, being pretty, successful, unproblematic and enjoying life. It’s also a project that Saweetie created to have a playlist that features artist who are up and coming.

 This project expands Saweetie. It makes the doubters shut up. The piece is produced by T-Nyce who often made music for rapper Kid Ink.

Saweetie comes in HARD

The leading track “Risky” featuring Drakeo the Ruler first line is “Three, two shots got a b*** feelin’ risky”. Hum miss ma’am did you have to make us want to turn up in our beds already? At this moment I was ready to get up and party. It declared to me I got to have a popping summer. 

This song is a let loose track for Saweetie. We know she’s high maintenance, very bougie but this lets us see her party side. It’s also the leading single on the playlist. 

The “Baby Momma Coochie” remix made me giggle. The leading artist on this track is a up and coming female artist name Bbyafricka. This artist gives us a different rap sound with her flow, it’s intriguing. Makes you want more.

You can’t hate her

“Pretty and Rich” was not one of my super favorites because I did not like the Soulja Boy reference chorus. I would have loved this if the chorus was just a tad different. Don’t get me wrong the “pretty brown swag” lyric was definitely a nice twist but I think it took away from the flow of the song. Other than that this song felt like Saweetie was standing up for herself and making it known that she is pretty, talented and does care about you haters. IKDR.

Plus the fact she is giving up and coming artist a platform for their songs, is also a dope thing to do.

Summer boo?

“Back Seat” is a vibe. It’s one of those songs you tell your girls to put on. You low-key missing your man but it’s a girl’s night. You trying to not reminisce about those late night back seat situations but you are. A summer night that’s not super cold but the right temperature and everybody just feeling good. 

Lourdiz is a up and coming Texan base artist featured on the track as well. She tends to incorporate a urban sound in her work while she sings.

Saweetie did this TikTok song justice

TikTok has a way of making a song either super popular or super annoying. This original song when I first heard it was not my cup of tea. Maybe it was the dance that went with it. Once Saweetie added those sprinkles onto the track, it became a durable cake. 

Saweetie this time around was definitely proving her versatility as an artist. In regards to making raps with bars and making trendy music POP again.

Saved the best song for last

“Sweat Check” is that old Saweetie mixed with the new one on a cool type beat. This Saweetie is talking fast, talking her talk and having fun while doing so. 

You can tell she was in the studio for this playlist, exploring different flows, techniques and giving us something to really bounce our heads too. There is a song on this playlist for everybody this summer. 

This playlist is a HIT. 9/10 

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