Fashion with Chan: 15 Black Owned Bag Designers

Black fashion designers are taking the world by storm by creating luxury pieces using cowhide leather, vegan and other special hardware pieces.

After receiving a lot of traction from the first top ten black owned bag designers blog post, I decided to make a part two. This post will consist of brands you might have heard from and some you may not have a clue about . I explore black owned brands from all over the world.

If you enjoy traveling you will love this post because so many of the brands have travel bags!

1.Glam-Aholic Lifestyle

Created by Detroit born and raised Mia Ray. The brand is popular for their monogram pattern of the brand’s logo.

The style comes in a bucket bag, duffle bag, wallet, makeup bag, backpack and the list goes on. Recently the brand collaborated with another popular Detroit brand called The Lip Bar. Melissa Butler is the owner of the cosmetic brand that specializes in bold makeup colors. The D Girl Collection features a a makeup bag that has Ray’s signature logo and new lip colors created by Butler. It retails for $85.

The Monogram Glam Tote retails for $95.

2. Voni

Registered nurse aka Jevoni Mcallister created Voni after a night of scrolling down her timeline looking for a purse. It sparked the idea to create her own line of sustainable purses using vegan leather. This brand originates out of Los Angeles.

The “Dona” bag retails for $130 in a variety of colors with an everyday carrying shape. In addition to the Dona bag, the brand carries wallets, and clutches.

3. Noir X

Nathaniel Noir is the creator of this brand which specializes in mini and medium sizes bags that feature embossed 2d python leather. The bag is also vegan leather. Noir X comes in metallics, chromes, and bold reds and greens.

Bold fashion icons will love these pieces.

The Monaco Red mini python purse retails for $197 and is on sale for $95.

4. MAX+min

Tiarra Smallwood created MAX+min to minimize the stigma of Black fashion brands being called “not luxury”. Good quality in structures and gold jewelry is a staple in Smallwood’s brand.

Minimalist fashion lovers will enjoy MAX+min.

Some bag shapes include a bucket bag, totes, duffles and a signature style bag called “Meru Micro”. The price for the Meru Micro begins at $298. Make sure to check Saks Fifth Avenue for bag availability.

5. Cole

Kanesha Wiley is the creator of this brand that specializes in round circled bags. Which is a hot style that many brands are going for this year.


TravisDi’meer Terry created IEMBE in 2020. Hartford, Connecticut is the hometown of the brand. One special part of this brand is Terry’s mother models the purses in many different editorial style shoots.

The signature bag is the “IEMBE” embossed bag that retails for $300.

7. Mateo

Matthew Harris was not a bag designer at first, the artist in fact created jewelry. Selling fine jewelry for men was the start of this brand in 2009. Women’s jewelry was the next step and then came the expansion to handbags and so much more. The brand opened their first flagship show in 2016 in Soho which is a neighborhood in New York.

Mateo’s “Elizabeth bag” retails for $395. The black leather bucket bag shown in the pics has a price tag for $325. The website includes so many more styles of bags.


Sade Mims created this brand focusing on sustainability, femininity and making sure each product is created uniquely.

Crochet bucket hats, jewelry, and bags are just some of the things this brand has to offer.

The Maria bag takes on a unique rectangle shape that retails for $395.

9. Silver & Riley

Lola Banjo created Silver & Riley with travel lovers in mind. Banjo wanted a brand that focused on good quality, style and usability. Searching for great quality, Banjo traveled to Italy and Turkey to find the best leathers, and hardware to create this brand.

The leather carryall duffle bag ranges from $695-$995. Other bag styles include a convertible executive style bag, cylinder bucket bag, Dubai crossbody, and more styles.

10. Pyer Moss

Kerby Jean-Raymond is the creator of Pyer Moss, a fashion brand that specializes in men and women wear. The brand recently released their debut purse and women shoe collection. The brand features uniquely shaped bags that have hands embossed or bags with diagonal shapes.

Pyer Moss bags are starting at $750. Credit card wallets and large wallets are also available for purchase.

11. Sukari Lyema

Sukari Lyema started this brand inside her parent’s basement straight by hand in 2020. Instead of using her saved study aboard money she decided to invest it in creating her own brand.

The Brooklyn Bucket bag comes in a small and large size. The small starts at $680 with the large following up at $700. Bags use platinum fox and 100% genuine leather.

Fur collars and earmuffs are also accessories that are available.

12. BruceGlen

Twin brothers Bruce and Glen Proctor created BruceGlen, which is a bold fashion line that has ready to wear collections, bag collections and more. The two have worked with Tommy Hilfiger, Nicki Minaj and more on accessories.

The brand has the ‘Grenade” bag that retails for $695

13. Ashya

American and Jamaican fashion designers Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece created this brand with the idea of bringing cultural awareness, travel, style and utility into one.

The slingback mini bag retails for $1,050. Seamstress hand sew the vegan cowhide leather bags with 14k gold hardware in New York

14. Zashadu

Zainab Ashadu created this British, Nigerian brand. Luxury and sustainable fashion is the brand’s mission. Lago, Nigeria is home to the brand’s studio.

Mini bags, tote bags, wallets and more are just a few of the items the brand creates. Zashadu Man creates pieces for menswear and celebrates their heritage.

The Riches Black Crocodile Skin clutch retails for $2,895. Real crocodile creates the bag. No two bags are alike due to the bags being hand sewn.

Other bag prices on the site range from $175 and up.

15. Peryton

Gina Feldman Love is the creator of Peryton which is a luxury brand that specializes in fine leather, crocodile and other special hardware. New York is center space for the brand’s creation.

Sew artisans create the “Skyrah” bag upon order with a deposit of $1,975. The price of the bag is $3,950.

Luxury Fashion

Leather is a key source for many bag designers which is why many have a high price point. If you are interested in a more budget friendly list check out my previous top black owned bag designers blog post.

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