Fashion With Chan: 10 Black Owned Bag Designers

Black fashion designers are taking the world by storm with their bag designs. From Telfar to Haus of Sy, we see a variety of luxury to everyday style bags. Here is a curated list of ten black bags and their designers.

1. Telfar

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Photo: @telfarglobal via Instagram

Telfar was the IT bag of 2021 and after their latest drop of a new style bag probably will remain the IT company of 2022. Telfar Clemons created Telfar in 2005 in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The brand represents affordability and accessibility for everyone. Telfar shopping bags typically sell out fairly quickly. Due to the quick sell out times this makes it one of the most exclusive bags to own. Weekly they re-release one of their shopping bags color waves which range from black to corn beef. (No pun intended). Occasionally, Telfar hosts a bag security program where all their most anticipated shopping bags go live on their site. Customers are able to get the color and size of their choice and the bag ships out months later. This guarantees that everyone who wants a chance to score a bag is able too.

Telfar also released their own streaming service called TELFAR.TV. That’s exclusive content of fashion shows, bag releases and consumers have a chance to submit their own content as well.

Each bag is made from vegan leather.

2. Haus of Sy

Photo: @hausofsy via Instagram
Photo: @hausofsy via Instagram

A Detroit born brand created by Angel Reeves. Haus of Sy bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From teddy totes, wallets, barrel bags and her signature round logo tote, these bags represent luxury and versatility. Can’t forget to mention their affordable price points.

On Feb. 21, the brand will have their “Girl, Get a Bag Program” where every bag goes live for customers to pick their favorite colors and designs.

3. Brandon Blackwood New York

Photo: @brandonblackwoodnyc via Instagram
Photo: @blkwd1017 via Instagram

Brandon Blackwood bags have been in the making since 2015. The brand is created in New York using fine leather and hardware. One of his most popular bags are ones supporting Black Americans and the oppression that is faced every single day. It’s a tote with the statement, “End Systematic Racism”. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Saweetie Normani and Winnie Harlow have been spotted working a Brandon Blackwood bag.

Saks Fifth Avenue and Kith carry the bags as well. Currently trunk week is occurring on the site and all the Kendrick Trunks are available for purchase until Feb.18.

4. Rovell Gaither

Photo: @rovellgaither via Instagram

If you haven’t spotted this bag maker on TikTok you are LATE. The best thing about Rovell Gaither is being able to watch the designer construct their entire line right on social media. The brand is very much into using different denims in unique stitches and designs.

The website also features bucket hats.

5. Nichole Lynel The Label

Photo: @nlthelabel via Instagram
Photo: @nlthelabel via Instagram

Nichole Lynel The Label is not just home to their lunchbox but they also are a pioneer in clothing items. From gowns to blazers, this is definitely a black owned brand you need to get into.

6. Daniel Diyepriye

Photo: @danieldiyepriye via Instagram
Photo: @danieldiyepriye via Instagram

A Nigerian fashion brand that takes pride in their luxury style bags. Daniel Diyepriye signature bag look is a jigsaw puzzle engraved type bag. Duffle bags, backpacks and cross-bodies are just a few of bag styles the company sells.

7. Murway

Photo : @murwayofficial via Instagram

FIVE WORDS. Genuine Leather. Made in Italy. I think that says a lot about Murway. Denishio Murray founded the company in 2020 in Arkansas. The brand strides on black creativity and excellent craftsmanship on everything they do.

Did I forget to mention all their materials are created and sourced in Italy?

8.  Anima Iris

Photo: @anima.iris via Instagram
Photo: @anima.iris via Instagram

Wilglory Tanjong is the founder of Anima Iris, who is of Cameroonian descent. According to their site, the brand intertwines sustainability, transparency and fashion as one. Beyoncé has stamped approval after rocking one of the bags.

Tanjong uses 100% leather in creating the bags.

9.  AVNU

Photo: @nareashawillis via Instagram
Photo: @avnuofficial via Instagram

“Ghetto Until Proven Fashionable”, is embroidered on the signature miniature tote for AVNU. Their latest collection called “Nuova by AVNU” is all about luxury and features leather pants, blazer dresses and more.

This brand was created by Nareasha Willis.

10. Homage Year

Photo: @homageyear via Instagram
Photo: Trent Munson

Antione Manning created the brand in 2015. Homage Year‘s slogan is  “Good Quality, Bad Company”. Their biggest mission is creating a space for customers to express their imagination.

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