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Valentine’s Day Fashion Guide 2022

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to get dressed in your favorite stylish outfit. Especially if you have plans to celebrate.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I have some fashion tips that will help you decide your look this year.

Pretty in pink

I am obessed with pink and I think everyone should know that by now. This outfit is the perfect thing to wear for the lovely day.  Wide leg jeans, heels with a skinny leg and a beret. The purse is your typical shoulder bag but I really like the shape.

Date Night

Not a super big fan of the heels because they are kind of ugly BUT with this dress they may be a hit. It’s one of those dresses that will snug your curves and is trendy. Now this Chanel bag may be a couple thousands but the simplicity of the bag is what makes it super cute.

Furry Burry

The fur trim on the bustier makes me super happy. I have never wore a bustier before but I REALLY think this look is sexy and fierce. It’s the perfect fit for that fearless girl who wants to show off her shoulders and also give a chic look.

Pucci Oucci..maybe

Such a silly title of an outfit but I originally thought it was a brand knocking Gucci. It’s not Emilio Pucci does exist BUT I will say this outfit is the most basic you can get. A black turtleneck (I would hope you have this in your closet). A mini skirt because how could you not wear one on this lovely day. Some black booties would also be great as well because they are basic and another necessity you should have.

Lilac is in

Lilac is a great color in my opinion because it’s elegant and very pretty. Now ladies, I know we all don’t have the dollars for those Versace Platform Pumps so some regular pumps would be fine as well. This is less of a “screaming love day” outfit without the reds and pink but more so a settled cute movie night outfit. That denim skirt is unique and I think it would look super retro with those black glitter tights.

Sexy Mexi

I have not had a Valentine’s Day where I dressed like this before and that’s fine. The thing is though everyone deserves to get super pretty at least one year for Valentine’s Day. Once again, I am obsessed with this Chanel bag. So obsessed, I added it here for a new color scheme.

Floral maybe

Would I wear this? Probably not, but the top intrigues me. I am not a floral girl and I really don’t like slacks. The thing is though this outfit is unique in its own little way. The long, big sleeves hits off perfectly from the pants. Topping it off with a red beret reminds me of a date night in Paris. Black platform boots always for the win.

Little bit of streetwear

I have not dabbled into streetwear after I realize it was not my personal style. I am more so of a retro chic who curates some bold moments.

These acid wide legged jeans are some of my favorites because they are a statement pieces. That’s why I chose a simple black top to put the main focus on the pants. Any top could work with this look preferably a black top, but a cream bodysuit may work as well.

These are just outfit inspirations, ignore the designer label babes. We know you girls like fast fashion, I am one of those girls. Similar outfits can be found on H&M, SHEIN, Fashion Nova, ASOS or Forever 21.

Remember that finding an outfit does not have to be complicated, it just takes time. Find your personal style and you will be fine.

Here is a word search puzzle for you all to enjoy for V-Day!

For the future, what are some other fashion tips or outfit ideas, you all would like?

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