Guide: 22 Self Love Ideas

Self love is about finding peace and care within self. Follow along for tips on how to improve your self love.

Self love can look different for many different people. For some it’s buying themselves a new bag every pay check or not allowing themselves to date people who do not meet their criteria.

Throughout my journey of finding my self love, I realized that it comes better naturally than forced. A lot of people are already doing things that helps them relax or feel good.

This guide is opinion based and can be taken with a grain of salt. These tips may work for me and may not work best for you. That’s okay, so do not fret if you believe these are not useful for you.

1. Get rid of bad company

This is actually harder than it looks because bad company could be your family, close friends and even coworkers. It can be quite hard to get rid of all bad company because of connections. The best way to decide if the company is worth keeping around is realizing how they make you feel. Do they take energy from you that you need? Do you get a weird feeling when they talk to you or come around? Honestly those feelings mean something and you should take caution of them.

You can’t expect to feel love or good about yourself if people around you are overly negative or making you feel bad.

2. Dress how you want

Being able to dress the way you want is a big way of finding your true confidence. Trends are fun to follow but following what you want or like is way more fun. Start by finding your inner style.

3. Go on dates

Dating as in other people or just dates yourself is a must.  Going on dates is fun because you get to meet other people and “sell yourself”. Not in a auction but you get to express your highest achievements, your likes and dislikes and even get a chance to grab some food.

A lot of times people have a tendency to think they can’t have self love and date other people. In my opinion, it’s very backwards and makes it seem like you can’t love you because you’re supposed to love this other human being. It’s okay to be on a self love journey and have a partner. If anything you should know how you want to be loved and treated before you get into a relationship.

4. Shop, buy whatever you want

Shopping is fun because it allows you to create that dream wardrobe. It allows you to create a lifestyle that you want, plus it’s therapeutic. I shop ANYWHERE, no not exactly anywhere but I give every store a chance.

5. Voice your opinion

Stop holding your tongue, speak your mind. It’s just best to speak your mind because you don’t have to feel forced to do things or agree to things you don’t want too.

Voicing your opinion involves self love because it means you believe you and will stand for your thoughts, and ideas.

6. Work that job you want

Working the job you want matters because you have a chance to create a lifestyle that represents you. It’s 2022, please stop working jobs you hate.

I recently graduated in December 2021 and I am not applying to jobs I have no desire to work at. Hence why I am writing this blog post. I know my likes, dislikes and what I want to do.

Being able to like your job is a major major key to finding a sense of peace in your life.

7. Find a hobby

Being able to do something after work or while you are not working that you enjoy is a big piece to self love. You finally took the time to sew or write that book. Those are accomplishments and build you up as a person.

Find that hobby, apply it, master it!

8. Journal

As human beings we love to communicate with other humans. We tell humans everything but maybe we should try something new. Let’s journal our true feelings and thoughts. Allowing ourselves to be so vulnerable with other humans can be our downfall. Having another outlet like journaling allows you to vent in private and in peace.

9. Plan solo movie nights

I know you’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with self love? It has everything to do with self love, being able to be comfortable going out by yourself or being alone just watching a movie makes you less codependent on others. Finding peace within yourself is definitely challenging and can be a lonely journey but it’s so worth it. Self awareness is key.

10. Good breakfasts matter

Okay, I am not going to sit here and say I eat breakfast every single morning. I would be totally lying, but when I do it definitely helps me. It gives me strength and makes me feel like a champ because I made some bomb scrambled eggs. Being able to cook for yourself and make it delicious is a big step in self love. It boosts your confidence.

11. Healthy journey

I am no expert in health but detoxing and exercising is another key in self love. You have to take care of mind and body. Be mindful of what you consume. Rather that is food, music, movie and more, be mindful because what we consume can deter our bodies and mindset.

Also make sure you are up to date on dental and annual doctor checkups. Be in-tune with you.

12. Plant some flowers

Gardening is a low-key project that many people overlook. It’s not just about getting your hands dirty, it’s about seeing that seed grow into a beautiful flower, plant, fruit or veggie.

It’s a hobby that’s tedious but also rewarding. Imagine being able to go outside in the summer and see your beautiful flowers blooming across your lawn.

13. Go tech free…for a couple hours obviously

Put your phone down for a couple hours or even a day. Play some board games, tune out of society. Our phones have been created to be so apart of our lives that we fail to vision life without them.

Sadly, since we are on our phones so much, we lose time for us just to be in-tune with ourselves because we’re so busy trying to stay updated.

14. Visit the park

I like taking my sweet puppy Snowball to the park during the warmer months. Or I will take my little cousins out to the park for a couple hours.

Planning a picnic at the park is fun as well because it allows you to find all your favorite foods, drinks, games and have fun near some water or just site see.

15. Relax

This should have been higher on the list. Take a day or even a year to just relax, especially if you are on work overload. Give yourself a chance to just sleep and be lazy.

Your body and mind will be thankful.

16. Buy yourself flowers

I am always pushing for women especially to buy their own flowers. Not saying women shouldn’t accept them from their partners but always buy yourself some especially if you crave them.

Everyone should buy themselves a plant or a set of flowers every now and then. It’s a very special moment for self.

17. Stop listening to social media

Stop taking everything people do or say on social media to heart. As humans we tend to push the agenda of others onto ourselves and it leads to a down spiral.

18. Eat your favorite foods

This is self explanatory, stop eating foods you don’t like or don’t want too. Eating foods you like matter because it brings a sense of happiness and a happy tummy.

My favorite food was tacos but I really like a good salad.

19. Read books

Enlighten and enrich your mind by reading. Not even just books, just read articles or anything to enrich yourself.

20. Start a passive income

Okay, a little random BUT passive income is a cool thing. It’s income you can make in your sleep, with little work. You should research laws and tips, plus make sure you do taxes and stay on top of the business things.

The best part of passive income is usually you don’t ship anything out. It’s typically digital downloads, print on demand, drop shipping and the list goes on.

You should make your own designs or create your own ideas in this process, it can be a great way to make some extra cash.

21. Do photoshoots

Photoshoots allow you to put on your most stylish outfit, get dolled up and pose for your best shot. It’s a way to have fun and take chance at something you may not be used too.

You never know, you may be a model.

22. Define why you love yourself or what you love about YOU

This is my last tip because it’s the most important tip. Being able to identify why you love yourself or what you love about YOU is the success point for self love.

It pushes you to actually think why you love you and what you could improve.

That leaves us with this for a journal prompt for you all to go and complete, “Why do I love myself”.

Self love may seem complex but it’s really just about finding what brings you joy and happiness. If you enjoyed this guide, make sure to check out my self care guide.



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