Blogmas 2: Self Care Routine

Holidays can bring a lot of stress follow this guide for some tips.

Disclaimer: I am no expert in self care, take these as suggestions.

Self care is something I struggled with because I often felt that I wasn’t doing it right or didn’t know what to do. The thing is self care doesn’t have a right or wrong way, it’s what work best for you. The best self care is the one you feel the most rejuvenated from.

Here are some tips you can do this fall to get on your self care journey from me!

Make your bed every morning!

Making your bed every morning is a great way to start off the morning because you’re being productive. Plus its going to feel good when you come home later and can remove the covers of what seems to be a clean bed.

Journaling goals before you take off

Journal in the morning some goals you have for the day and check back later on if you accomplished them. Also write down aspirations or things that you hope can be solved throughout the day. Making a list of things you need to accomplish in the morning is a perfect way on trying to stay on top of things.

Self date day/night

It doesn’t have to be night, it can be a simple trip to the coffee shop or getting breakfast. Date yourself first, learn your dislikes and your likes. That way it will be easier when you bring a mate into the picture because you will know what you do and don’t like.

Some places I would take myself on a date at is a bagel shop, Biggby Coffee, Target, Olive Garden or to the mall. I am also a fan of Michaels Craft Store, and Hobby Lobby, so places like that would be considered taking myself on a date. I am spending money for myself on things I love which is crafts.

Eat your fave food

Eating your favorite food can change your mood a tons. Trust me, I know. When I make my own recipe of pasta, I get so excited because I feel that I accomplished something. Or when I eat my favorite food, it just makes me feel good and makes my tummy feel good as well.

Plan a self movie night

It is nothing like enjoying your own company. Movie nights where you can eat all the popcorn, soda or juice are the best ones. Especially when you can snuggle up in fuzzy socks, a warm blanket and pig out.

Pick your favorite movie on Netflix or Hulu, grab your warmest blanket and have a ball rather you’re scared out of your mind or crying because your favorite character lost the love of their life.

Cute outfits bring up your mood

Pick one day out of the week or every single day and wear something that makes you feel AMAZING. I often dress up or prefer to not wear lounge wear because I feel lazy when doing so. When you look important, you act important and get things done. Find a day to wear something that’s you but also a little more extra than your norm for a mood booster.

Splurge on you

Buy that thing you have been eyeing for a long time or has been sitting in your online shopping cart. You know you want it and you deserve it.

Enjoy your community events

Lansing’s Silver Bells Event

If your city has an apple orchard check it out. If your city has a farmers market, buy yourself some flowers or fresh produce. Remember you don’t need someone to be with you at these events, just go because you want to and want to have time with your self.

Complete a DIY project

I could not end this list without telling you to do a DIY project. Make a fall wreath, do a painting project. Do something that’s not related to work and school for a change. Just remember to express your creativity.

Take a day to relax

The COVID-19 pandemic definitely was a time period people were able to genuinely relax. It shouldn’t have stopped once you went back to school or work. Take that day off, take a break from studying, relax your mind and chill out. Burn out is real and you have to enjoy the now because if you’re constantly on the go you will never enjoy the moment.

Self care is what you make it ; no one makes the rules

– Channie

There is a no specific way on how to handle self care, you have a right to do anything that makes you feel good.

If you are interested in some ways on how to prepare your fall wardrobe here is a guide created by me.

For our next blogmas post we are going to get into Christmas music.

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