Blogmas 3: Chan’s Top 10 Christmas Songs

Christmas music makes the holiday more fun but also more melancholy for some.

Here are my top 10 Christmas songs and artists in no particular order. I also created a playlist for you all to check out the tunes.

1. Destiny’s Child

Their Christmas album has a lot of the typical Christmas music but they make it sound more upbeat. It makes the perfect music for your Christmas party.

“8 Days of Christmas” – 8 Days of Christmas

“Opera of the Bells” – 8 Days of Christmas

2. Ariana Grande

I listen to Ari even when it’s not Christmas so knowing she has a holiday album stunned me. “Snow in California” might just be my favorite.

“December” – Christmas & Chill

“Snow in California” – Christmas Kisses

“Last Christmas” – Christmas Kisses

3. Chris Brown

The Chris Brown version of “This Christmas” has ultimately been one of my favorites.

4. Cheetah Girls

As avid cheetah girl myself, I play this song every year to reminisce.

“Cheetah-licious Christmas” – The Cheetah Girls Cheetah-licious Christmas

5. TLC

Timeless classic followed with Left Eye’s catchy rap skills. Makes me feel nostalgic.

“Sleigh Ride”- TLC Christmas Ep

6. Candice Boyd

“Carol of the Bells” is my favorite Christmas song but this edition is executed properly.

7. The Christmas Queen herself

Mariah Carey owns Christmas at this point. If you don’t find yourself blasting “ All I Want For Christmas Is You” atleast once, you haven’t enjoyed the holiday.

That’s all I have for Christmas music for now. I have tons of more but for the meantime since Christmas is in a couple days, enjoy these.

Here is the Apple Playlist for you to check out the songs.

For our next blogmas, we’re going to get into gift giving.

If you have not already read my blog about self care during the holiday, please check it out.

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