Blogmas 4: Holiday Outfit Guide

Holiday fashion is important and definitely sets the tone for the year.

The holidays are great for expressing your style. There are so many events going on from parties, Christmas carols and more.

Here is a guide that has some fun outfits for the event.

1. Black knee boots

Black knee boots are the best because they can be worn with anything.

2. Holiday theme

I love Christmas colors and I think that they pair perfectly together. Wide leg pants are dressy and booties lift them.

3. Pink!

Pink and black are a perfect combo together. This is giving going out on Christmas night to the bar or the after Christmas party fit.

4. Vintage jeans

Vintage wear on the holiday brings out the nostalgia. Plus cropped shirts and jackets are in.

5. Black coat

This furry faux leather black coat is giving me Cher vibes and I need it. Those red shorts are not my fave but I like the pair of red booties with it.

6. Vests

This is a fashion girl fit. The zebra pants are the fashion statement.

7. Classic outfit

A sweater and mini skirt combination is simple. Plus it’s not risqué and if you pair it right, you should get compliments.

8. Flashy

Not a super big fan of a faux fur coat but Christmas is the best time to wear it. It’s also the best time to wear a dress.

9. More pink

Okay, pink is my favorite color but you can’t sit here and say that these two don’t look great together.

The Brandon Blackwood bag tops it off.

I hope you all enjoyed this, check out some of my favorite Christmas music here.

For my next post we are going to talk about what to bring to the Christmas party.

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