Mini DIY photoshoots at home are perfect opportunities to get creative and have a little fun.

During the pandemic, I became really big on doing mini photoshoots at home of me just in my room doing quirky things. They were fun and made me feel good. Plus super easy because all you really need is confidence, something that takes pictures and outfits!


  • Camera/Phone (I used a Panasonic G7 for the newspaper photos)
  • Tripods
  • Props
  • Outfit
  • Ideas


  • Editing software
  • Ring light
  • Camera shutter remote

1. Pick a theme

The photo attached represented my love for journalism and graduating. You don’t need a theme but you can get props from the dollar store like balloons, party supplies or just about anything to use as props. Check out Pinterest for inspiration or magazines for inspiration.

2. Find a location in your home

I have used my bedroom, living room and even outside to do DIY photoshoots at home. Find someone that is comfortable for you. I just got quite lucky with my white wall in my living room.

3. Gather your supplies

If you’re using props, create the set first. I used newspapers for this so it took me a little time to get them plastered on the wall. It’s a lot of trial and error but once you get what looks right, you will be fine.

4. Find the perfect outfit

Your outfit should be based off what your theme is or something close to it. You can totally wear what you want but having an outfit that goes with your theme or already already planned makes this process so much easier.

5. Get creative

This is a project that is supposed to be creative, do not copy and paste what someone else did. DO NOT limit yourself, step out the box and go crazy.

Especially with Christmas, you can easily use your Christmas tree as a prop for the photos.

6. Figure out lighting

If you are using a professional camera, it’s best to figure out your ISO, aperture, shutter speed and other camera settings beforehand. If you plan on using natural light, it’s best to do it in the day time by a window that lets in sun.


Okay, so now you have your outfit on, camera, lights and tripod set up now it’s time to take a couple sample shots. Do this to ensure that you have good lighting, angles and nothing is wonky.

8. Snap away

This is the fun part, where you get to pose any kind of way you want. You can checkout some pose ideas on TikTok or Pinterest for inspiration.

Note: You can use a camera shutter remote to take the pictures nonstop without having to set a timer, it gives you full control.

9. Edit

I don’t overly edit my photos but if I do, I use Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw. Typically you want to white balance your images and make sure that colors actually appear as they do in real life. If you are going for a more artsy, creative photoshoot, you can edit however you want.

10. *Hopefully* you completed your at home photoshoot

Give yourself a pat on the back because you have a mini photoshoot that you can smile about. You can either create more and create a photo book using websites like Shutterfly. Or you can post to social media to gain traction. Feel proud and share the tips along.

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