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Fall Fashion Guide 2021

Tis the season to be dressy, fall is the time where you can layer up and put on multiple coats, scarves and really express self.

It’s that time of year again to provide you with fashion guide to help you shop for the fall months. This year, I am obsessed with the colors burnt orange and lavender.

Instead of giving you a boring list of what I plan to wear, I have created some outfits that may be perfect this fall for you.

Vests are the new cardigan

Vests are back in fashion and taking over what we used to know as cardigans. Everywhere you go now, people are pairing vest with skirts, jeans, trousers or wearing them over a long button down shirt that fits as a dress. The preppy look is in, get into it.

Browns are in

A lot of stores are bringing out the creams and browns this year. You’re seeing a lot more nudes which creates a very relaxing look. I am obsessed with the mocha brown shade and how it looks on my skin tone.

Everyone also needs a pair of Dr.Martens which are a fall and winter staple.

Give me pink

I am obsessed with the color pink despite it typically being seen in the spring. It’s fun and definitely lightens up the dreary months of the fall. I say a monochromatic pink outfit would be perfect and make you stand out but some small bits of your outfit that features pink could work as well. Pink shoes and turtlenecks would be great start to incorporating pink into your fall wardrobe.

Faux leather jackets .. love/hate them

Not a huge fan of faux leather because I think it’s ultimately too cheap and just plastic. This is a classic look though because the leather jacket gives you a grunge look that fits the vibe that fall normally brings. Faux leather jackets are a fast fashion fave, so you should be able to purchase them from H&M, Zara, or Fashion Nova.

You don’t need to be dripped in designer neither, you can find shoulder bags at any of the sites above.

Something about those earth tones

It’s nothing like a dark green or olive green during the fall months. It’s so chic and classy and definitely a color many shy away. This year take that chance and wear that olive green beret, turtleneck, don’t go too over board though. You don’t want to look like an olive…

As an avid beret wearer, I love love when people wear them.

Orange .. is amazing this season

Orange is another bold color for the fall but it’s definitely a statement color. You’re bold, fun and taking a chance at fashion this year. Mint and orange together is another interesting combo, I would love to see more of as well.

Lets keep it simple

If you’re not into the bold colors and want to keep it simple this year. Just find that white t-shirt, a pair of mom jeans and a black combat boot. You can accessorize it by adding a baguette bag or wear some chunky jewelry to bring the look out.

Fall fashion is everyone’s “best season” to dress so show up and show out

Tis’ the season to be dressy. Layers are your best friends, meaning now is the time to wear those oversized coats, vests, sweaters and pair them with accessories that assist the fit.

If you have any questions, definitely feel free to leave comments.

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