Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas: LIVING ROOM EDITION

Thanksgiving living room culture is a thing. Being the best dressed on the holiday is another.

It’s the morning of Thanksgiving and it’s time to find an outfit for the special dinner.

You don’t know if you want to wear something flashy, classy or show you don’t simply care.

Here are some curated outfit ideas that I have made for you. Lets get into it.

Classy Rich Cousin

We love an exclusive cousin on the holidays. The fam has no clue what you do for work but it’s many speculations. Leather pants, a faux fur coat is just a combination for glitz and glam.


Obsessed with this blue and pink combination. A mini skirt with blue fur is always a serve. Pink booties are fun and you need them. Your family may say “oh she’s all that and a bag of chips” but it’s nothing wrong with being the best dressed at dinner.

Streetwear BABE

Puffer coat and wide leg pants. This oversized look is a staple in the streetwear world. We can’t forget this is the perfect day as well to show off your shoe game.

Fashion is my thing

It’s not Christmas yet but this red combo is so spicy. The cropped puffer coat is such a look with the wide leg jeans. Obsessed with shoulder bags and the red lip combo.

Keep it simple

Long coats are a staple for the fall months. Black rider boots are another staple that you need to get into. Mini skirts are great as well but if you want to keep it clean get a knee length skirt.

Designer Drip

A Chanel bag just represents wealth. They will get the point with this outfit but be mindful that if you’re a college student the Chanel may not be an ideal accessory. Especially if you constantly ask for money while you’re away. Black sweaters are a perfect simple find, probably already in your closet.

Last minute but stylish

White boots are a little risqué to wear during gatherings because we know people love to spill things on the most fashionable person in the room. BUT nonetheless this outfit is a combination of tweed, Y2K with a modern touch.

Wear what makes you feel good

This year be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. No need to worry about what your sassy aunt has to say or your mom telling you to change. Wear what makes you feel like you.

For some fore fashion advice, check out my fall fashion guide.

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