Guide: How to have the perfect solo coffee date

Solo coffee date guide to get you started on your self care journey this year.

I decided to finally take myself out to the coffee shop and get something done. It was time for me to get out the house and find me a sense of peace.

The last couple of days had been very rough and emotionally damaging and I wasn’t feeling like myself. So, I put on an outfit I never wore before, grabbed my laptop, tripod, notebook and headed out the door. I decided March 10th, was going to be my first solo coffee date.

Understanding the power of being alone

Being confident and comfortable with your self is not easy. It’s not something you can ponder on though, you just have to do it. Get out the bed, brush your teeth, put on an outfit that makes you feel good and go take yourself out.

Going out solo does not mean you are lonely. To me it means you are either trying to find a sense of peace or just building a sense that you don’t always NEED someone else. If I can’t count on myself to bring me happiness or peace than I shouldn’t count on others to do it.

Younger me wouldn’t understand that but 21 year-old me does. She’s okay with sitting at the coffee shop by herself. She’s okay with going out to eat by herself and not having an companion.

Once you find your joy in alone time and what comfort it brings you. I believe that you are on a perfect self care journey.

Find locations

I went to Biggby Coffee but I may not go there next week. The location I went to is about 15 minutes away from my house. Next week,  I might go to a local coffee shop closer to my house.

This is the perfect opportunity to support those local small business coffee shops.

Order a drink or don’t…

Personally I think it’s weird to use a coffee shop space and not buy anything. Support the business and try a new drink or such. I typically get a drink called the Strawberry Chai Boost Smoothie in a 20oz at Biggby Coffee.

Take photos

This is unnecessary but I did it because my outfit was cute and I am on this influencer journey. All you need is your phone, maybe a shutter clicker and your looks.

Journal on your coffee date

Bringing a notebook is essential because you get to keep busy by journaling or drawing.

I typically buy all my journals from Burlington Coat Factory, Walmart and Dollar Tree.

Get some work done

Aka bring a laptop or tablet to do job work, or search the web. If you’re a blogger like me then it’s the perfect opportunity to complete those blog posts or brainstorm.


This is the perfect opportunity to read up on that book you been wanting to read. Why? Well you get a time to sit down and just ease your mind on one thing…aka that book.

I even think the next time I go, I am going to bring me some reading material.

My experience

Overall my experience was a 10/10. I was able to sit down, apply to jobs, do my blog posts and even create content for my Instagram.

The atmosphere was very peaceful and the workers were nice as well.

This experience allowed me to find a new place to just sit down and get work done. Plus I was able to find a sense of peace being alone.

If this sounds like something you need or want to get started then I suggest you find a coffee shop and go tomorrow.


Chandra Alilijah

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