Fashion with Chan : New York Fashion Looks

Fashion in NYC was a sight to see. Check out my post about my looks and their details.

New York aka the fashion capital of the United States brought out my inner fashion craze. It was hard to not notice the other fashionable individuals who outfits spoke bold, loud and down to slay.

In this piece, I am going to talk about my top three outfit choices and where I got many of the pieces.

Vitamin C

The title of this outfit was inspired by Marco Glorious from the Wendy Williams show. I attended a taping during my trip and he told me I was giving vitamin c.

This outfit was a monochromatic simple fit that any one could put together.

My oh so vintage purse definitely made this look a 10/10. It reminded me of a pool tables

Beret – SHEIN

Cropped Hoodie – H&M

Wide legged jeans – H&M

Aldo Dome shaped purse- Thrifted

I originally wore a black booties with this look but I could not walk around Times Square in them.

Overall Price Average – $75

If you have not noticed by now, I am obessed with monochrome outfits and I love the cropped hoodies from H&M. I am also a fan of the wide legged pants, these are my go to when creating a set. Accessories play key in monochrome outfits. My thrifted Aldo bag was my favorite piece to go with this look. Paired with my black booties made the look so dapper.

Modern day Dionne Davenport

Everyone knows I love love Clueless and many of my outfits are inspired by the movie.

This look was literally thrown together but also one of my favorites. My bubblegum shopping bag from Telfar was so New York and added an expensive touch to this look.

Furry bucket hat – Passed down

Black cropped puffer – SHEIN

Pink turtleneck bodysuit – H&M

Clueless T-shirt – Five Below

Pink checkered skater skirt – Charlotte Russe

Medium Bubblegum Shopping Bag – Telfar

Black knee boots – Rainbow Shops

(I couldn’t believe I found those boots on Rainbow website)

Overall Price Average – $300 (That Telfar wasn’t cheap)

Many could say this outfit was “extra” or a lot but this was about layering. The pink bodysuit underneath the t-shirt helped to match the pink letterings and graphics in the t-shirt. It also coordinated with the pink in the checkered skater skirt. I am big on my coats or purses matching my shoes. At first I wore a white pair of knee boots but switched them out for the black pair because it coordinated with the black cropped puffer better. Black and pink are two colors that always offset themselves perfectly against one another.

Classy meets chic

I loved this look because my inner fashionista popped out.

This thrifted blazer was the key to my heart. It was the perfect fit to wear to the beaut aka Miss Statue of Liberty.

Beret – SHEIN

Black and white blazer – Thrifted

Black gloves – SHEIN

White sleeveless body suit – H&M

Black mini skirt – H&M

Black knee boots – Rainbow Shops

Mini black baguette – Thrifted

Overall Price Average -$80

The best way to approach an outfit like this is put pieces together. In this case my blazer was my statement piece, the white sleeveless bodysuit and black mini skirt were just pieces to accompany the look. They were not the look.

What kind of styles I saw in NYC

I saw streetwear, chic, minimalist, eclectic and many more styles. Which made me super happy because everyone had their own sense of uniqueness. Especially in SoHo, where I saw a lot of more people expressing their outfits versus the busy Manhattan.

People expressed fashion in New York,  everyone was decked out even on the subway. I could definitely see myself fitting in when it came to expressive fashion.

Since New York is also a fairly cold place like Michigan, I noticed a lot of people wore layers. Big on hoodies underneath big puffer jackets or giant sweaters. Seeing their summer fashion would be an interesting take.

Another thing I notice about New York was how their stores had great fashion pieces. H&M in New York was nothing like the stores back at home.

Overall New York fashion is a sight to see and something to  experience. It’s a mixture of different cultures, styles and its definitely more fashionable than Michigan.

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