Sometimes Chan Cooks: Everything Salad

Salads are always easy and great dish additions to any parties.

Salads are one my favorite dishes to make. I love putting a variety of things in them. Ever had shrimp on a salad?

EXACTLY. Salads are made to be fun. Here is a cute, quirky recipe I have for you all. Especially with summer holidays around the corner, you might wanna try this.


1. Three Romaine Lettuce Heads

2. Two Cucumbers

3. Banana peppers

4. Black olives

7. Feta cheese

8. Mozzarella

9. Italian seasoning

10. Kalamata olives

11. Salami

12. Ham bits

13. Parmesan cheese

Add on ingredients

1. Onions

2. Croutons

3. Bacon bits

4. Turkey

5. Tomatoes

Now yes… this salad maybe on the salty side but you don’t have to use ALL those ingredients. Feel free to take some out.


1. Cut up all those fresh veggies

2. Place the veggies in a big enough bowl or if you’re like me use an aluminum pan. Mix it around so the cucumbers are mixed in with the lettuce. If your prefer to arrange them on top that’s cool too.

3. Start LAYERING. Now this is the fun stuff. I normally cut my salami into small tiny slices, then I begin to add it to the salad. Making sure it fits into its own path. You’re creating different paths for each toppings on top of the lettuce.

4. Then I’ll add the olives , cheese, banana peppers, feta cheese and continue till all my ingredients have a place. Find a pattern that works for you but is also eye pleasing.

5. After the toppings are arranged, make sure to sprinkle your parmesan and seasoning lightly on top. Heavy on the word LIGHTLY.

6. Lastly, it’s time to serve. I either use Olive Garden Italian Dressing or just a basic ranch.

This salad only takes me about 15 minutes to make and it’s not that expensive neither. Possibly less than $20 for all the ingredients.

It’s definitely a salad for a party because people will love all the different flavors.

Make sure to try it out! I can’t wait to share more recipes in the future.

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