Fashion with Chan: Styling the best summer purses of 2022

Looking for the best summer purses or brand? Here are five top brands to shop with for summer 2022 plus outfit ideas to go along.

With summer knocking at our front door, here are five ways to style some of the best summer purses of 2022.


Telfar is our summer time fling we carry out to the flea market, picnic, or a Saturday shopping trip. The Telfar small shopping bag can be worn for a date night aesthetic.

My favorite thing about the Telfar bag is it’s wide range of colors that allow many outfit combinations.


Glam-Aholics is a classic everyday bag for school, going into the office or to a concert. Their mesh mini backpack is also a stadium statement piece perfect for ball games.

The simplicity of their bag allows the brand to be worn with just about anything.

Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood gives us classy brunch, or night out in the town. I am obessed with the Kendrick Trunk that ranges from $165 to $300 because of the unique shape.

Haus of Sy

Haus of Sy is Detroit luxury to me, it has be to the dollar sign in the logo. These bags can be worn out for a day in the city, concerts, or a night out at the bar. The luxe barrel bag is perfect for weddings or events that require you to spice it up a bit.


Diesel is everywhere right now from high end celebrities to Instagram models and influencers. Ever since their latest runway show, many more fashion gurus are hopping on the wave.

I really really like their logo print bowling bag, it’s definitely on my wishlist but the colors are too dark in my opinion for the summer. That’s why I added a pair of knee high boots to the mix because I am teasing you early fall outfit ideas.

The Diesel bags definitely are streetwear pieces. Make sure to check out my Megan Thee Stallion styling in Diesel blog post.

Summer purses matter

You definitely need a good summer purse because this is the season where coats don’t exist to hide your outfit. Don’t forget to get colorful, creative and of course funky.. not literally but.

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