Things to do this summer 2022

Summer is about making good choices and having a great time with close friends and family.

There are 100 things you can do this summer in 2022, but I am going to cut it down to just 10. This is the perfect time to complete your summer bucket list or begin a new project.

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1. Content Creation

Start creating your own content rather that is fashion, lifestyle or beauty. The summer is the perfect time for trial and error because you get more hours of sunlight. 

Buy a tripod, shoot outfit photos, start creating Instagram Reels, TikTok’s, start vlogging your life. To not only create content that could help others but to also document your life.

2. Plan a sunny beach day

Pick a sunny summer day for you and friends or family where you all can go and soak up the sun. Look up your local beach and plan a trip. Make it fun by bringing your favorite beach accessories, games and foods.

If you are looking for a new beach tote, check this woven one from Amazon.

3.Try new restaurants 

There are many TikTok’s pages that showcase good food and locations for tourist and residents to visit in different cities. VibesDetroit is a great TikTok page that shows tasty restaurants and bars in the city Detroit or in Michigan. They also have a website that is great for finding out new places in the city.

4. Take a Vacation

If you have the funds, or even if you can save a couple hundreds, buy that plane ticket or even train ticket. Take that chance to explore a new city. You can even plan a road trip. Not sure if that’s best idea in these gas prices though!

5. Spend a day or evening at your local park.

Grab your favorite book, drink and blanket and head to the park. Find parks in quiet neighbors to have a more peaceful evening. Or you can go when kids are at school or around the time it’s not going to be a lot of people out to enjoy the quietness.

If you need a book recommendation, check this one out called “Grown” by Tiffany D. Jackson.

6. Have a luxury picnic 

Gather friends, family or yourself and plan a luxury picnic date. Pinterest and TikTok have multiple videos and tips on how to plan the best picnic. Pick out your favorite decor or just a blanket and favorite foods. Don’t forget the bug spray. 

7. Girls night at the bar

“thank u next” from Pinky’s Rooftop Bar in Royal Oak Michigan

Take a trip to a local bar in your city and get drinks with friends or by yourself. It’s a great summer night out and can even lead to other things. Who knows you might find your future boo! 

8. Plan a night out in the city 

Go to dinner then maybe visit your city’s local museums. Find something fun your city has to offer. If you’re in Michigan, check out The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Detroit which runs through September 5. Tickets start at $39.00.

9. Throw a backyard party 

It’s nothing like grilling hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill or even finding a new recipe on Pinterest you would try on the grill. Have friends or family bring their favorite dishes and plan a day out in the backyard. Don’t forget to bring supplies to make S’mores!

10. Try something new this summer

Definitely take heed into what your city has planned. Detroit has new exhibits, fun activities downtown that many could enjoy. Remember your summer is what YOU make it. Try that new recipe, trip to a new city, or restaurant! Summer is about fun.

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